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Distance means so little, when someone means so much.

Submitted by: ann

Every time I see your text message there a smile on my face.. Every time we talk on the phone is like you make my day:)

Submitted by: Anita

If you keep something as complicated as love inside you…you will get sick. Spit it out.

Submitted by: Scarce

If you’re dating people based on their looks you will never find what you are looking for because looks is only skin deep and love is much more deeper.

Submitted by: gbaby baby

Loving someone can hurt, not loving anyone is just worst, so take chances and see what happens.

Submitted by: kong

You can never be friends with someone you love; it’s simply not possible.

Submitted by: kelsey

Love is laughing for no reason, stupid arguments, long talks and making fun of each other.

Submitted by: adriana

I’d run to you, at 2 a.m., pouring rain, -50 degrees, on a school night, the only reason why I don’t, is because you haven’t asked.

Submitted by: Katie R =D

Love is never about giving or taking it’s about sharing what you already have.

Submitted by: Frankjay

Love is not blind. It sees – it just doesn’t mind.

Submitted by: shelly

You can say it’s love when you’re completely ready to turn your back to anything, just to be with him.

Submitted by: shaira

Real love is remembering every word, every detail, and every emotion…no matter how many years ago.

Submitted by: Mila

Girl: who do you like?
Boy: oh just some girl.
Girl: who? who? tell me! tell me! TELL ME!
Boy: ok that friend of yours bailee.
See now the girl will pretend shes happy for him and encourage him to go for it but inside she is broken and hurting cause she was hoping it was her, cause life is not a fairy tale, it does not always have a happy ending and yes this is harsh, this is cruel, but this, this is REALITY!

Submitted by: Ally225599

The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned.

Submitted by: Gwen

Yea, there’s other fish in the sea but you’ll always be my Nemo.
He laughs at my dreams, but I dream of his laughter.

Submitted by: Rachie

Loyalty is the test of true love.

Submitted by: norman

Girl: Hi (:
Girl: I heard you liked somebody.
Boy: Yeah Yeah
Girl: Oh who is it?
Boy: I’m not telling
Girl: do I know her?
Boy: Yeah
Girl: Hmm, what she look like?
Boy: Do you have a mirror <3

Submitted by: kbees

Love is the perfect spice for the cuisine called Life.

Submitted by: lea r.

Everyone has their own reason for waking up in the morning. Mine is YOU.

Submitted by: Monica Louise

I love him, oh yes I do. He’s for me and not for you; and if by any chance you take my place, I’ll take my fist and smash it on your face.

Submitted by: Monica Louise

It’s funny how you can say a lot of things and be talking to him in particular, but he still has no idea you’re talking about him!!

Submitted by: Bayyybeegurrrll

True Love is the spark that lights up your heart and makes you glow from within.

Submitted by: Mitra

The heart wants what the heart wants, there is no valid reason behind it.

Submitted by: arun k kaushik

Shut the Lamborghini’s door, tear up all those VIP tickets, cancel every candle light dinner in 5 stars hotels, give away that Gucci dress, throw away the diamond pendant, melt the chocolates away because it is only you I’m always craving for.

Submitted by: Mielya Saladdin

It may take Billions of people to complete the world, but it only takes you to complete mine.

Submitted by: John

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