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Yea, there’s other fish in the sea but you’ll always be my Nemo.
He laughs at my dreams, but I dream of his laughter.

Submitted by: Rachie

Loyalty is the test of true love.

Submitted by: norman

Girl: Hi (:
Girl: I heard you liked somebody.
Boy: Yeah Yeah
Girl: Oh who is it?
Boy: I’m not telling
Girl: do I know her?
Boy: Yeah
Girl: Hmm, what she look like?
Boy: Do you have a mirror <3

Submitted by: kbees

Love is the perfect spice for the cuisine called Life.

Submitted by: lea r.

Everyone has their own reason for waking up in the morning. Mine is YOU.

Submitted by: Monica Louise

I love him, oh yes I do. He’s for me and not for you; and if by any chance you take my place, I’ll take my fist and smash it on your face.

Submitted by: Monica Louise

It’s funny how you can say a lot of things and be talking to him in particular, but he still has no idea you’re talking about him!!

Submitted by: Bayyybeegurrrll

True Love is the spark that lights up your heart and makes you glow from within.

Submitted by: Mitra

The heart wants what the heart wants, there is no valid reason behind it.

Submitted by: arun k kaushik

Shut the Lamborghini’s door, tear up all those VIP tickets, cancel every candle light dinner in 5 stars hotels, give away that Gucci dress, throw away the diamond pendant, melt the chocolates away because it is only you I’m always craving for.

Submitted by: Mielya Saladdin

It may take Billions of people to complete the world, but it only takes you to complete mine.

Submitted by: John

When you love, you don’t judge. You accept.

Submitted by: Linda

Loved is not a word. You will always love someone no matter what.

Submitted by: Shanna

Love is the seventh sense that destroys the other 6.

Submitted by: Britton Coursey

And he’s got a smile that could light up the whole town.

Submitted by: Hannah

When you don’t expect it that’s when love comes.

Submitted by: rachel

True love waits!

Submitted by: eclipse

Love is to make somebody happier than yourself.

Submitted by: kelvin mgimba

Here’s my heart.
Don’t keep it, unless you know how to treat it.

Submitted by: CDC_17

In Order To Love Someone You Must Love Yourself First, In Order To Trust Someone You Must Trust Yourself First!

Submitted by: ShawtyRed!

You’re the reason I draw those stupid hearts all over my notebooks.

Submitted by: jacquie

She Loved him But he Didn’t .. She Adored Him But He Didn’t .. She Dreamed of Him Everyday But He Didn’t .. One Day She Forgot Him But He Didn’t …

Submitted by: sahil bansal

You don’t know what love is, until you find the one you love.

Submitted by: the heartbreak kid

You know you’re in love when you look out the window all the time to see what he’s doing. When you go outside just to see if he will speak to you. When you’re grouchy for days when he doesn’t. When just one smile or hello makes your heart melt and makes you happy all day. When you look for excuses to go talk to him just so you can be near him.

Submitted by: amanda

Love, is having that amazing feeling, the butterflies in your tummy, that permanent smile and knowing that your the happiest person alive when your with them and being with them feeling like nothing can go wrong.

Submitted by: sazzz

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