Past Quotes and Sayings

The past is exactly where it belongs, in the past, move on.

Submitted by: javier

If you live in your past you will never have a future.

Submitted by: AYLA

More often than not, no matter how difficult it was, the past is faster forgotten than remembered, if the present is better.

Submitted by: Abubakar Imam

How can one start a new chapter in life if he or she keeps reading the old one?

Submitted by: Zia

You can’t erase, change, or rewind your past, you can only accept it.

Submitted by: Bart

He is just only a man of my past, but he is still a man that my heart loved.

Submitted by: loveSearcher

Don’t bury the past if you have intentions of visiting the grave on its anniversary.

Submitted by: Vikrant Parsai

Forget about the past; don’t worry about the future; live today!

Submitted by: RVM

Anything that fails in our past can be our guide to the better future.

Submitted by: LKA

Make your today good and your past will automatically be good because today’s present is tomorrow’s past.

Submitted by: Anas javed

It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.
Lewis Carroll

We only have the ability to change the outcome of what lies ahead of us not what lies past behind us.

Submitted by: Maduwa Thabo

Never try to unravel the mysteries of the past buried deep underneath crests of time.

Submitted by: puja kalra

Look back not on a bitter past, but, forward to a brighter future.

Submitted by: TheWiseOne

There is no future in the past.

Submitted by: shaniz

Memories are made so we can always have our past, and yet still focus on the future.

Submitted by: Your imaginary friend

I don’t regret my past, I just regret the time I wasted with wrong people.

Submitted by: sir briggs

We are what we know, even when we don’t know who we are. We are affected by our past, even when we have left it unexplored. We can go only so far not recognizing from where we have come.
Alan Robert Neal

One can not live in the past, the future, and today at the same time. Understanding that today alone is a gift that is allowing you to start a new, every new day is a new opportunity to live happy.

Submitted by: Charlie Peterson

Man spends his life in reasoning on the past, in complaining of the present, in fearing future.
– Antoine Rivarol


If you’re still living in past.
Then I bet you won’t long last.

Submitted by: aazan

If tomorrow will be the end of the world, I will spend my today by looking at the pictures of my past!
Mehmet Murat ildan

Quit worrying about the past and put your energy and skill in the now!

Submitted by: cool person

You must learn from your past mistakes, but not lean on your past successes.

A generation which ignores history has no past — and no future.
Robert A. Heinlein

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