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Never try to unravel the mysteries of the past buried deep underneath crests of time.

Submitted by: puja kalra

If the past was what we were meant to see. Then behind, not in front, our eyes would be.

Submitted by: RVM

Forgive…but never forget

Submitted by: Sanj

Mistakes you made in past will make your future.

Submitted by: AYLA

Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.

Past Quote: Don’t look back, you’re not going that...

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Look back not on a bitter past, but, forward to a brighter future.

Submitted by: TheWiseOne

“The past is a bucket of ashes, and my interest is in the future because I will be going to spend the rest of my life there.”

Submitted by: guibongan

I’m a present person. I don’t dwell on the past, and I don’t want broken dreams for the future.

Submitted by: Anika

There is no future in the past.

Submitted by: shaniz

Have NO regrets because you CAN’T change the past anyways!

Submitted by: Stefana

Strength isn’t wishing for things of the past, strength is leaving without looking back.

Submitted by: Bliss

The past was made merely to pass time..While God made our futures…Amazingly so we could live them to the fullest.

Submitted by: A Single Bloody Rose

It is neither wise nor healthy to dwell on the past.

Submitted by: Andrew Schwartz

The past is what effects you in the present…
if you had a good past life, you will live a happy life with no problems to worry about. You just have to make the right decisions
on the other hand if you lived a horrible past life, it sticks with you forever and haunts you in you sleep. You’re afraid of making one wrong choice and memories come back.

Submitted by: Gigiinda

Keep your head held high, Smile and never look back.

Submitted by: Jaime22

Don’t let your past boyfriends stop you from finding your future husband.

Submitted by: past lovers

The past is worth a billion tears, but the future is worth ten times as many smiles.

Submitted by: Love is a smile away

If we hold on the past too tight, the future may never come.

Submitted by: Sophie*

Never look back at the past unless to learn from it.

Submitted by: blackrose

Freak is wrong
Alex means that we have to forgive
we forget that we were mad
Its a twostep thing

Submitted by: kc

I never look back on the past to regret anything…
but rather to remind me of all the wonderfull memories!

Submitted by: Stefana

The past is forevr apart of us, its looking you right in the eye every day, everyday since the day it felt that way.. Future, – please wait till the past is over…

Submitted by: cappazy

There’s no point in regretting your past, when you can still accomplish something in you future.

Submitted by: mara

Living in the past is living yesterday.

Submitted by: lulu

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