Negativity Quotes, Sayings about negative people

When you catch yourself slipping into a pool of negativity, notice how it derives from nothing other than resistance to the current situation.
– Donna Quesada

Be so positive that negative people don’t want to be around you.

Pessimism never won any battle.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Binge on life. Purge negativity. Starve guilty feelings.

You cannot have people in your organization who are pessimists. They take you to mediocrity.
Carlos Slim

Do not allow negative feelings and emotions to control your mind. Emotional harm does not come from others; it is conceived and developed within ourselves.
Carlos Slim

I am human and I am very sensitive, so of course it hurts when there is someone out there criticizing you. You work to do your best, you work to receive appreciation. It definitely hurts me lesser today because with time and experience I have learned to reduce the negativity and truly recognize the positivity in life which is so much more.
Aishwarya Rai

An optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist sees the hole.
Navjot Sidhu

Try to say nothing negative about anybody.
a) for three days
b) for forty-five days
c) for three months

See what happens to your life.
Yoko Ono

Distance yourself from the people who: lie to you, people who disrespect you, people who use you and people whose job in their life is to bring you down.

Negative people don’t need to be defeated. They defeat themselves with their negative attitude. Be positive always.

The worst mistake is always thinking about the past.

Haters will accuse you of raising dust even if you walk on water.

The worst thing is being surrounded by people who always point out your faults, come on people you’re the closest to my heart you should show a little support but no, they will never know how much their words are breaking me down. Am starting to either hate them or myself.

Negativity: Where there’s a will, there’s a won’t.

When someone influences you to think negatively, they take charge of your life and will lead you to destruction.

Use the stones thrown your way as tools, not weapons.

These days people more interested in the problem than finding a solution.

Nobody can steal your peace of mind, but you can surely throw it away by letting negativity into your life.

Small things are no big deal, nor an issue its unhealthy if we listen, instead create a healthy attitude.

Some people have bones fragments in their closets. Some have skeletons. Many have an entire cemetery in theirs. However, they don’t realize it because they are so busy lying and putting others down.

It’s difficult to change mind from negative to positive, unless you change current friends.

We can’t expect a change in our self esteem and self confidence without changing our thoughts & feelings to positivity.

If you have gathered enough evidence on which to blame your negativity, you’ve had a enough time to get used to whatever’s bothering you.
Alan Robert Neal

Cynical people are the people who look for bad things to say. They are always on the lookout for the negative things and the build out a career by articulating on it.

Never mind the cynics. They are frogs who croak noisily all the time. Get on with your life. Do your job well and give a great and credible performance because the best disclaimer is always a job well-done.

A pessimist’s blood type is always B-negative.

People tend to dwell more on negative things than on good things. So the mind then becomes obsessed with negative things, with judgments, guilt and anxiety produced by thoughts about the future and so on.
Eckhart Tolle

Fear must not be an excuse to not follow your dreams.

Do not punish yourself by wasting your time. Do not undermine yourself by surrendering to your negative habits.
Dr T.P.Chia

Don’t let anyone own you, , the biggest baggage is hate, jealousy and insecurity, dump that bag asap knowing that is the heaviest lethal bag you can carry and endure.

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