Perfection Quotes and Sayings

What is the point in reaching perfection? For once you have it there will be nothing else to live for.

Submitted by: Christian

Being perfect is not about that scoreboard out there. It’s not about winning. It’s about you and your relationship with yourself, your family and your friends. Being perfect is about being able to look your friends in the eye and know that you didnt let them down because you told them the truth. And that truth is you did everything you could. There wasn’t one more thing you could’ve done. Can you live in that moment as best you can, with clear eyes, and love in your heart, with joy in your heart? If you can do that gentleman – you’re perfect!
– Coach Gary Gaines

Submitted by: Just a face in the crowd

Perfection: Scientists’ worst nightmare.

Submitted by: blackrose

Perfection doesn’t exist

Submitted by: ..KATE..

Perfect people worry me!

Submitted by: Bushra

There is no such thing as perfect, yet everyone is perfect in their own way.

Submitted by: Aname

Have no fear for perfection, you’ll never reach it

Submitted by: Autumn

If you make no attempt to seek perfection at all, then you are lackadaisical. This negative quality implies that being imperfect is hardly a positive one. Everyone must make an effort to seek perfection, as they obviously don’t realize that it will always be more beneficial if you fail to be perfect than succeed at trying to be imperfect.

Submitted by: chris weatherall

Perfection is the number one thing no one can achieve.

Submitted by: Miki

Everything is perfect. It just depends the way you see it.

Submitted by: Aisha K.

If everything and everyone was perfect, we’d all be bored…

Submitted by: amber

Flawless is boring unless it’s a diamond.

Submitted by: shellyleelondon

Practice does not make perfection…It makes improvement. Only God is perfect.

Submitted by: Robert Moore

The perfection of imperfection is the closest anyone can ever come to perfection.

Submitted by: Nicole

Perfection is what you can no longer believe to be wrong.

Submitted by: Casey

If perfect is what you’re searching for then just stay the same.
Bruno Mars

We do not practice to be perfect we perfect what we practice.

Submitted by: ~Blondie-kun

Watch your eye; Should it ever reveal to you the faults of others Say to it, “O my eye! Other people have eyes too!”

Submitted by: Shumaila

Nobody’s perfect, but I’m so close it scares me! :p

Submitted by: Stefana

You might aim for perfection..but then again..i achieve it..xD

Submitted by: ThE bEhOlDeR...

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