Self Respect Quotes and Sayings - Page 4

If you want to be respected, you must respect yourself.
– Proverb

To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.

Self- respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.
– Abraham Joshua Heschel

No man who is occupied in doing a very difficult thing, and doing it very well, ever loses his self- respect.
George Bernard Shaw

Never make your self feel like nothing, to make someone else feel like everything.

Respect is a universal language.

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A man can stand a lot as long as he can stand himself.
– Axel Munthe

Self- respect can be an extension of your ego or a priceless virtue.

It’s always good to compromise only when, the other side understands your feelings. But, it’s not good to bend so much that you loose your existence. :)

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Happiness blooms in the presence of self-respect,and the absence of ego.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

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