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You Play For The Love Of The Game, Winning is just a reward.

Submitted by: Rachel Cap

As a kid you play soccer for fun.. Creating the best plays, tricks, jukes, blocks, etc… So my advice to you, never grow up my friend.

Submitted by: Rivas

Soccer is the best.

Submitted by: Jorge Sanchez #22

Too positive to be doubtful. Too optimistic to be fearful. Too determined to be defeated.

Submitted by: chocolate bear

A true player steps on the field and forgets everything, a true player holds his head up high win or lose, a true player has the heart of a lion, a true player scores a goal and every part of his body is flowing with excitement and wants more of it, a true player lives soccer forever with passion and heart to get better and become the best.

Submitted by: Hunter

Seeing my players learn what I have taught them is why I am proud to be a coach, the mistakes they make can be blamed on the last coach.

Submitted by: Chris CC

The people who think soccer is an easy sport, are the people sitting at home alone watching TV while their friends are out playing soccer! Live it, Breathe it, Play it!

Submitted by: Nina

Yes, I am a girl
I am an athlete
Soccer is MY sport
Prepare to be humiliated

Submitted by: Kathryn

Control the ball…don’t let the ball control you.

Submitted by: Adrian

No matter how old you get the feeling of your teammates chasing you after you score will always be the best

Submitted by: lj

I was invited to go to church on Sunday.. My reply was I go to church already. The dude asked me “What church do you go to?”
I said, the soccer field down the street.

Submitted by: Angel

I went in to win and shall walk out as a winner!

Submitted by: Praggz

I’m so good even your girl comes to watch me play.

Submitted by: Joe

The feeling I get when I walk onto the field, hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst, is possibly the best feeling in the world.

Submitted by: Katilyn

Leave it all out on the field. No regrets.

Submitted by: Gilliannn!

If you End The Game With Regrets, Then you Didn’t Play The Game Right, As Long As you leave it All out on the Field, Win or Lose You did What You Went on the Field to Do!

Submitted by: Atlas #14

If you aren’t playing with determination & passion, you aren’t truly playing.

Submitted by: Gilliannn!

The game isn’t over until the whistle blows, meaning, don’t give up never give up at the end of the 90 minutes you better have gave it all you got, beat up, bruised, bleeding, and feeling the heart pound against your chest as you walk off with a smile.

Submitted by: Anonymous

Great players are the ones that make other ones better.

Submitted by: Blaine

If you never give up, you can never be beaten.

Submitted by: jake

A good shot isn’t a shot until the ball is in the back of the net!

Submitted by: Kayla Steeley

I’ll get bruises, and I’ll bleed, I’ll get scars, I’ll get hit in the head, my knees, my nose whatever
Soccer is my dream, my future, my passion. I want to become a legend I want to become the best… It’s my LIFE

Submitted by: Jennifer

**- ONE time somebody told ME, “you play like a GIRL!”…i said YEA and maybe if YOU got BETTER so could YOU!- **

Submitted by: kimmy

Great players don’t wait for something to happen, they make it happen.

Submitted by: Corey

It’s not how good of a player you are physically, it’s how much you believe in yourself mentally.

Submitted by: Kathleen

Soccer isn’t just a sport, it’s the world most practiced religion.

Submitted by: Andrea

The soccer is played with hot feet and the cold head.

Submitted by: fred

When you make a mistake, quickly clear your mind and learn from it. Think about what you are going to do next, what you have already done is done. Play with everything you have, hold nothing back and unleash the talent inside you

Submitted by: alyse

Out there, someone is training to beat you. Only you can make sure they don’t.

Submitted by: lauren(:

Unless you have mud on your face and limping, you didn’t play soccer.

Submitted by: Sammy

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