Volleyball Quotes and Sayings


Volleyball doesn’t only require skills. It also requires a strong fighting heart.

Submitted by: JVince

It doesn’t matter if you lose, it matters if you don’t try.

Volleyball Quote: It doesn’t matter if you lose, it...

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Submitted by: anoymous

All the talent in the world won’t take you anywhere without your teammates.

Volleyball Quote: All the talent in the world won’t...

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Submitted by: Laura

Commit to the lord and your plans will succeed. Getting ready for competition. Volleyball <3

Submitted by: sofiadote

Sometimes it’s not how good you are, but how bad you want it.

Volleyball Quote: Sometimes it’s not how good you are,...

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Submitted by: Vgirl19

When somebody says volleyball is easy you suddenly turn into a star boxer because no one insults your sport and gets away with it.

Volleyball Quote: When somebody says volleyball is easy you...

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Submitted by: Volley gurl

Mom thinks it’s an extracurricular
My dad thinks it’s for girls
My brother thinks it’s gym class
But to me it’s love.

Submitted by: Sam

Somewhere behind the athlete you’ve become and the hours with a coach who pushed you is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back. Play for her.

Submitted by: Kat

Volleyball: Pass it on!

Submitted by: heidi

I can’t, I have volleyball.

Submitted by: Morgan

The worst team can beat the best team on their worst day.

Submitted by: Coach Ralph

Practice perfect today, play like a champion tomorrow.

Submitted by: Alex

Volleyball; invented by men, perfected by women.

Submitted by: Karina.

Eat sleep volleyball
Ace ace baby
If winning isn’t everything why do they keep score?
It’s our duty to kick your booty
Believe in your self, team and coach and nothing can go wrong.
Eat sleep volleyball repeat
– middle hitter/blocker.

Submitted by: Olivia

Volleyball is not just a passion; it’s life.

Submitted by: middle hitter

Will > Skill

Submitted by: tay B

My heart says, I love volleyball and I just can’t imagine what my life would be without volleyball. <3

Submitted by: ivy

Pass your expectations! Set the standard! Kill the competition!

Submitted by: Kddean

*Announcer* congratulations! You just won five million dollars! What will you do next?
*Me* (in a quite voice). Uhh, err. Umm. Play volleyball.

Submitted by: Alyssa

If volleyball was a drug. I would take a hit!

Submitted by: Volleyball Mom

Doesn’t matter how tall you are or how short you are. All that matters is team work!

Submitted by: Think Pink Girl

It’s in your heart
Or it’s in your face.

Submitted by: Alyssa

Keep playing tell the whistle blows.
Never give up.
That ball wasn’t impossible to dig. You just didn’t want it enough to get it.

Submitted by: Amber S

Anyone hitter can hit hard. Only great hitters can hit it to the floor and make something out of every ball!
– Coach at mvi camp
Coaches can teach you all the things in the world. But nobody can teach you to want to get the ball!
Every amazing setter needs a great pass. Every amazing hitter needs a great setter. Everyone needs their team.
– Me
Every time you touch the ball you are part of a point scoring opportunity. Hustle and make it count.

Submitted by: Amber Schaaf

Yeah you need a good setter so she can set to the hitter so they can kill it, but it all starts with the perfect pass from the back row.
– Libero

Submitted by: Libero1

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