Best Friend Quotes, Sayings for BFFs

A real friend can do any thing for his friends.

Submitted by: anand on October 24, 2012

Best friends are siblings that God forgot to give, but friends he knew we needed.
Best friends are very special people in your life. They are the first people you go to when you need someone to talk to. You will phone them up just to talk about nothing, or the most important things in your life. When you’re sad they will try their hardest to cheer you up. When you call them crying you don’t have to say anything because they already know whats wrong. They are the shoulder to cry on, because you know that they truly care about you. They are the ones that are always there, the ones who always understand.

Submitted by: Blakely on October 30, 2011

Fake Friends come & go. True friends will stay, that’s how you know.

Submitted by: YmCmB on September 2, 2011

A best friend is someone you can totally act yourself around.

Submitted by: yuli on February 5, 2011

Friends are like balloons
If you let go you’ll lose them
So tie them on tight

Submitted by: Hannah on April 19, 2008

A true friend will tell you things that you don’t want to, but need to hear.
When I prayed for a friend, I never dreamed I’d get some one as wonderful as you!
When I read all these friendship quotes, I think of you!

Submitted by: Jessica~ on November 16, 2009

We’re the ones you find laughing at nothing!

Submitted by: reanna on January 2, 2012

A true friend will never reject you when the rest of the world does.

Submitted by: mimi waleed on June 2, 2012

People say family stays and friends come and go but they’re just friends, you have plenty of them but a best friend is one of those people who come to your family reunions and family diners and are there to stay for good.:)

Submitted by: babycakes on April 18, 2012

A true friend is the one that storms in your room when no ones home and comforts you why you cry.

Submitted by: kim on April 14, 2012

Friendship can start in childhood and follow you all through life.

Submitted by: Jenny on April 14, 2008

Losing your best friend is like losing half of your heart. </3

Submitted by: Bettyboo on November 26, 2011

A true friend always remember your birthday when nobody does and gives you the best present you have never had.
A friend shows you the way, when a best friend give you a ride and company you all the way.

Submitted by: Thazin on October 18, 2011

The best feeling in life is to know you have true friends that will never leave your side.

Submitted by: Jose on February 15, 2009

A best friend is someone who is always there for you, the person who helps you at any time regardless of location.
A best friend is someone who is always by your side to look after you.
A best friend is the one who gives you your help without expecting anything in return.

Submitted by: melissa atencia on November 25, 2009

A good friend can only see if you are happy.a true friend can see your happy but know your crushed on the inside.

Submitted by: Chelsea. on July 1, 2008

Even if you’re close enough you can feel far apart, but true friends will never leave the heart.

Submitted by: Spencer on June 26, 2012

When I think of love, I think of my best friends.

Submitted by: Elizabeth on September 2, 2011

Best friends are like fingers they always stay together.

Submitted by: kimmberlyy. on July 1, 2011

Your BFF will love you for who you are, not what you can do for them.
A BFF will see all your flaws, and keep on loving you.

Submitted by: Jojo on February 13, 2012

Best friends are people who know how truly stupid you are, and still like you.

Submitted by: Fiona on December 31, 2011

Best friends are those who stay by your side…
Even if it means staying after school in the dark hallways, trying to open up your lockers.

Submitted by: Kyra on November 25, 2008

Deep in my heart I’m concealing things that I’m longing to say. Scared to confess what I’m feeling – frightened you’ll slip away.
When you look around and your world is crumbling or when you think no one loves you, your best friend is the one to run to you.

Submitted by: Nessa on March 22, 2009

A best friend can stab you at the back for the right reasons but always knows how to say sorry and accept the consequences. Forgiveness will take long but a friend can wait.

Submitted by: heather hope on December 5, 2011

Today…tomorrow…and FOREVER…friends are ALWAYS there!!!:- )

Submitted by: holly on January 14, 2009

Yeah, we are going to fight, but we don’t give up. A true friend has your back, lets you make your mistakes and helps you fix them, a true friend doesn’t judge you because of your past, they help you create a better future… A true best friend knows when you’re hurt even when you say “I’m fine” and true friend is something I found in you. Thanks for being there.

Submitted by: Audi pie on January 29, 2012

I can’t say I’ll be your best friend forever because I won’t live that long, but I’ll be your best friend until the day I die.

Submitted by: Lilly labia on December 16, 2011

When you come home from a friend’s house, you say “I had fun,” but when you come home from your best friend’s house, you have bruises and scratches everywhere and you say “I won the fight this time mom!”.

Submitted by: Hayley on November 16, 2011

I am a friend who will never be scared to yell “I Love You” down the hall.

Submitted by: lora on November 11, 2011

A friend will ask “Do you want to dance”, but a best friend will take you by the arm and say “dance like it’s the last night of your life.”

Submitted by: bobalina on June 12, 2011

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