Break Up Quotes, Sayings about break ups

They all say “Don’t regret something that made you smile” its a lie. If you knew everything he said to put that smile on your face was a lie and all said to another girl. . . .to make her smile as well.

Submitted by: courtney on May 9, 2009

No matter who broke your heart, or how long it takes to heal, you’ll never get through it without your friends.

If I could do it all over again I would just skip you.

Submitted by: gimpy on March 10, 2013

I may regret the way we ended, but I will never regret what we had.

Submitted by: Liela on June 13, 2009

I’m sorry I feel a little jealous sometimes knowing someone could please you more than me, I guess it’s my insecurity playing up because I know I’m not the most fun, most beautiful or most exciting person you have ever met but I do know that no matter how long and hard you search, you will never find someone who cares for you the way I do!!

Submitted by: Amy Penniket on September 14, 2008

Sometimes the heart can’t afford to be JUST friends!

Submitted by: the CHICK! on July 5, 2009

The sad part isn’t that we never talk, its that we used to talk everyday.

If someone you love hurts you cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it.

Death is not the greatest lost in life. The greatest lost is when a relation dies between two and both are still alive.

Submitted by: madhu on April 9, 2013

Dear girls with a broken heart, There are guys out there with glue guns.

Why ruin a perfectly good flower when I already know he loves me not

Submitted by: Bella on April 19, 2009

Yeahh me and my boyfriend jake broke up like an hour or two ago and it was the third time but each time it keeps getting harder.
im just like sick of guys he was the first guy I ever really liked/loved and he broke my heart.
i don’t wanna cry anymore.

Submitted by: Chelseaa on April 23, 2008

Hey Gurlz ..
This Is My Advice To All You Heart Broken Girls..
All Your Girls Need Ti Be Strong.. Don’t Cry For A Guy He Isn’t Worth Your Tears.. I Know You Feel Like Texting Him Always, But Don’t I Have Experience Of All Of This.. You Just Start Talking To New Guys, Show Him That You Don’t Care About Him Anymore, & Just Act As If Your Over Him & You Moved On..
Trust Me Girls The Guy Will Be Following You Just Like A Dog.. He Would Know How Much He Meant To You Girls..
So Just Live Your Life As If There Is No Tomorrow..

Submitted by: Chiiky Sarah (: on March 14, 2010

The hottest love has the coldest end.

Submitted by: Emily & Lydia on April 28, 2009

I was born the day I met you, lived a while when you loved me, died a little when we broke apart

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