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You’ll never leave where you are until you decide where you’d rather be.

You will not learn if you think you have learned enough. You will not grow if you are not willing to change yourself.
Dr T.P.Chia

Successful people keep changing themselves to face difficulties and obstacles, and in the end win out handsomely.
Dr T.P.Chia

People usually are fearful of and reluctant to change, but they have learned that change is necessary if they are to better themselves and their lives.
Dr T.P.Chia

People change for two reasons: Either they learned a lot or they’ve been hurt too much.


Curing the depression won’t change lifelong habits for most people.

Nobody likes change, except a wet baby.

Submitted by: T.WILL on January 19, 2013

Successful people dare to fail but refuse to be defeated by failure. The keep changing themselves to face new difficulties and obstacles, and in the end win out handsomely.
Dr T.P.Chia

Change brings about insecurity and uncertainty, but it also enables development and progress.
Dr T.P.Chia

You cannot grow unless you are willing to change.

Your life gets better by changing yourself – to improve yourself, to enrich your strengths and to discard your weaknesses.
Dr T.P.Chia

Submitted by: Dr T.P.Chia on April 7, 2013

Nothing is permanent is this wicked world, not even our troubles.

People don’t change. They’ve just never shown you that side of them. When they break up with their ex, they’ll tell you “Oh, he’s not the same person I used to know.” but in reality, they just never took the time to get to know that person.

Submitted by: jay her on March 27, 2013

I wouldn’t change a thing about you cause, you look like you and that’s just beautiful.

Never forget, never surrender. That’s the cycle of life.


Submitted by: Janidasse on December 26, 2012

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