Equality Quotes and Sayings

Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you.
Walter Winchell

The justice of function – the law of the jungle – rewards speed, strength, determination, and cunning.
The justice of being – valuing only compassion – rewards all equally, regardless of merit.
“Social justice” lies between these extremes – but nailing jelly to a wall will precede it in the list of human achievements.
Dr. Idel Dreimer

A truly equal world would be one where women ran half our countries and companies and men ran half our homes.
– Sheryl Sandberg

Nobody is more inferior than those who insist on being equal.
Friedrich Nietzsche

We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.
Vladimir Putin

Apart from values and ethics which I have tried to live by, the legacy I would like to leave behind is a very simple one – that I have always stood up for what I consider to be the right thing, and I have tried to be as fair and equitable as I could be.
Ratan Tata

You can be a woman who wants to look good and still stand up for the equality of women. There’s no uniform for feminism; you are a feminist exactly the way you are.
Meghan Markle

Some people like me, some don’t. I don’t understand, Where the difference comes from. My heart like them all. For a simple childish reason. We all are created equal, we all are humans.
Santosh Kalwar

All this talk about equality. The only thing people really have in common is that they are all going to die.
Bob Dylan

It is not true that equality is a law of nature. Nature has made nothing equal; her sovereign law is subordination and dependence.
– Luc de Clapiers

Six feet of earth make all men equal.
– Proverb

Equality and freedom are not luxuries to lightly cast aside. Without them, order cannot long endure before approaching depths beyond imagining.
– Alan Moore

A state that does not educate and train women is like a man who only trains his right arm.
– Jostein Gaarder

These men ask for just the same thing: fairness, and fairness only. This is, so far as in my power, they, and all others, shall have.
Abraham Lincoln

Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we’re opened, we’re red.
– Clive Barker

I am influenced more than ever before by the conviction that social equality is the only basis of human happiness.
Nelson Mandela

All men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with a mighty urge to become otherwise.
– Evan Esar

Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it.
– Frances Wright

If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.
John F. Kennedy

Men of quality support gender equality.

Men or women, we are human.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
George Orwell

I speak not for myself but for those without voice… those who have fought for their rights… their right to live in peace, their right to be treated with dignity, their right to equality of opportunity, their right to be educated.
Malala Yousafzai

Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you.
– Walter Winchell

Men of quality respect women’s equality.

When men are oppressed it’s a tragedy, when women are oppressed it’s a tradition.
– Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Every human has rights.

Until you treat everyone as an equal, you have no right to complain about the treatment you receive from anyone.

Before God we are all equally wise and equally foolish.
Albert Einstein

If women want equality,
Why are men still expected to pay for dates?
Why are men only considered a gentleman if we open the doors for women?
Why are men still expected to be the provider?

If you want equality, don’t expect to be treated like a princess.
Do as we do.

Equal recognition means equal responsibility.

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