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There must be a lightswitch on my forehead because everytime I see you, you turn me on!

Submitted by: yasi on July 19, 2009

Boy: Do you like me?
Girl: No way, I don’t
Boy: WOW! Even I don’t… We have similar thoughts… We can be good friends.

Submitted by: Ajay Bakshi on April 15, 2010

Boy: I want to be a doctor someday. How about you?
Girl: I just want to be your patient someday.

Submitted by: al on May 8, 2010

Let me check your tag, just what I thought, made in heaven.

Submitted by: Tiffany on June 3, 2009

Boy: Don’t go away!!!
Girl: Why?
Boy: Because you are my oxygen. I can’t breathe without you.

Submitted by: Gina Q on April 8, 2009

Do you have a Band- aid? Cause I hurt my knee when I fell for you.

Submitted by: XxOo on May 21, 2010

I love you more than a game of squash.
I love you more than my car.
No offense, but my last name goes better with your first name than yours does. Why don’t you give it a try?

Submitted by: Sahil on June 30, 2009

Flirt wisely just remember she doesn’t care for your money, she doesn’t care for your looks, (yeah I know girls are illogical) but what she wants is your Tiny Jokes that make her Smile and the Body language that pleads your confidence…But by all means Don’t Stare.

Submitted by: Jack Maxwell on December 27, 2009

God was showing off when he made you.

Submitted by: chanman on January 1, 2011

Looking at you makes me believe heaven is real.

Submitted by: derrick on April 16, 2012

Girl: Do you wanna play a hiding game?
Boy: No, cos a girl like you is impossible to find.

Submitted by: AzianAung on March 30, 2012

Boy: Hey do you know where my heart is?
Girl: Yeah?
Boy: Oh! So you did steal it!

Submitted by: robert on November 4, 2012

I lost my number. Can I have yours?

Submitted by: Rashard Jones on June 4, 2009

So I sent angels to watch over you while you sleep, but the angels came back and told me “Angels don’t want over other angels.”

Submitted by: Dillon on November 6, 2011

I have a secret
*leans in and kisses him/her*
Don’t tell anyone.

Submitted by: Britany on January 29, 2013

You can fall from the sky and you can fall form a tree but baby the best way to fall is in love with me!

Submitted by: amisniccoleee on July 1, 2009

The best thing about me is …You.

Submitted by: Max on February 9, 2009

If I Had One Wish, Trust Me I Would Wish For You. <3

Submitted by: Hannah on November 17, 2011

Hey, if you could be ANYTHING in the world, What will you be?
– Well, if I could be anything in this world, I’d be you boyfriend.

Submitted by: Daniel on April 29, 2012

I didn’t come over here to tell you that you’re beautiful. But as long as I’m here I might as well.

Submitted by: robere on June 26, 2010

There must be some problem with my eyes, I can’t take them off you.

Submitted by: raj on April 16, 2012

My ex boyfriend sent this message to me on Facebook:
So, I saw the most beautiful girl yesterday and I couldn’t help but to admire her… And then I realized I was just looking at pictures of you.

Submitted by: Lucinda(: on October 29, 2011

I’m sick, my medicine is to talk to you.
See these keys?You like them?I wish I had one to your heart.
Do you have a name?Or could I call you mine?

Submitted by: Mystica on April 10, 2010

I like the way you walk when you’re walking my way.

Submitted by: Lura on January 9, 2010

I forgot where I live, can I come home with you.

Submitted by: Joung Kim on September 23, 2010

Something is wrong with my phone. Your number is not in it.
My friend wants to know if you like me.
You remind me of my next boyfriend.
You better have your license cos you’ve been driving me crazy.

Submitted by: kama.yooh on July 15, 2010

Boy: I can see you when I close my eyes.
Girl: So?
Boy: Just want you to know why I keep closing my eyes.

Submitted by: Adib Lazzara on May 19, 2010

Boy: Where did you hide it?
Girl: What?
Boy: My heart that you stole.

Submitted by: Adib Lazzara on May 19, 2010

Boy: I got a picture of something pretty amazing, wanna see it?
Girl: Sure
Boy: *shows picture of girl*

Submitted by: Justin on July 3, 2012

Your lips look so lonely… Would they like to meet mine?

Submitted by: alexis & taylor on January 16, 2011

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