Goodbye Quotes and Sayings

Remember to remember me.Forget to forget me.
Even if you remember to forget me, I will never forget to remember you…

Submitted by: Mr.Johann on March 4, 2009

Sometimes I wish I was a little girl again because bruised knees heels faster then broken hearts

Submitted by: alissa on August 20, 2008

You weren’t a mistake, you were a lesson. Thanks for teaching me not to fall easy.

Submitted by: Arianna on March 27, 2013

Never beg people to stay against their will. Sometimes the gift of goodbye opens another door for you. Move on, and create the next chapter of your life.

Feelings. Its hard to say, its hard to express. You keep on loving, but you know its not returned. You keep on smiling, but you know it hurts deeply . You keep on caring, but you know its not appreciated. You keep on hoping, but you know its not meant to be. But when that time comes, at that very point of time, at that very moment, deep inside your heart, you know that sometimes it seems that holding on is best, but actually, it is letting go.

Submitted by: dee on May 2, 2009

I wish I could let go of the things my heart keeps holding on to.

Submitted by: Kaity on September 8, 2008

You never know what you had, until it’s gone.

Submitted by: Lauraa on July 4, 2008

We promised each other we would never say goodbye.. What happened?

Submitted by: starr greeson on May 19, 2008

I can tell you loved me when I see a tear slip down your face. Goodbye.

Submitted by: keli on April 2, 2008

Goodbye is giving a space for you & your loveone to think if your really ment for each other & its not the end of one relationship but it will open one door for your friendship. And start all over again if you still love one another.

Submitted by: j-ann on April 11, 2008

I don’t really want to say goodbye
I don’t really want to leave you
But now I have to go away
Stay away from you forever

Submitted by: ..johanne porbile on April 22, 2008

I don’t cry because he left, I cry because I know he’s not coming back

Submitted by: Jazz on December 8, 2008

I’m letting I can be free.

A tiny word can even make a giant cry…and that word is goodbye!!

Submitted by: rachel on May 30, 2009

U’ll never relize how much you miss sumone untill you hav to say goodbye…

Submitted by: kristen on June 1, 2008

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