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When a loved one says goodbye….it does not make someone feel bad…till they realize that their heart is really aching when he/she is not around.

Submitted by: simi on December 9, 2011

Goodbyes make you think, they make you realize what you’ve had, what you’ve lost, and what you’ve taken for granted.

Submitted by: goodbye on December 6, 2011

When your heart cries the only one who can hear is the only one listening. They feel your pain, they are the ones who are there for you. So when they are gone, you feel cold, alone and heartless. Until that day you come together as one but that day will never come, because you have ended our forever embrace with an endless word Good- bye

Submitted by: destiny on December 5, 2011

Didn’t even say “goodbye” you just left, I guess I wasn’t worth the explanation. Bye, I’ll miss you too.

Submitted by: Dan on November 29, 2011

Once, he could make me feel like I was the only girl in the world. Once, I loved him, and he loved me. And then goodbye happened.

Submitted by: andthatwasthebeginningoffaires on November 29, 2011

Why does it hurt to say goodbye to someone who doesn’t even care?

Submitted by: Asianness on November 28, 2011

The truly painful goodbyes,are the ones that are never said and never explained. You left without a word, stole away without an explanation, left me in pieces and I have no idea why.

Submitted by: Annie on November 27, 2011

You know I’m such a fool for you, that I would do anything for you, that I would always be there for you, but apparently you would rather play with my emotions and then leave me there waiting for you to come back and make me yours. I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye I just had to let it die.

Submitted by: jake on November 27, 2011

You had me at hello, you lost me at goodbye. But everything in between, I guess was just a lie.

Submitted by: Lara on November 27, 2011

Goodbyes are harder than hellos, Why? Because nobody wants to say goodbye to a good hello.

Submitted by: Yasmin on November 26, 2011

The hardest part is letting go when you never had something real to hold on to.

Submitted by: Amanda on November 23, 2011

No matter how much it hurts in the beginning, goodbye makes me miss you less, knowing that you are really gone this time.

Submitted by: jullia on November 23, 2011

The worst part is knowing they are really gone, but you can’t let them go.

Submitted by: Joe on November 23, 2011

A goodbye to some, means a hello to others.

Submitted by: Bailee on November 20, 2011

I miss those days, those days of childhood when “goodbye” was just another way to say: “See you tomorrow.”

Submitted by: Just me. on November 16, 2011

The pain of letting go and losing you is a relief compared to this pain in my heart of trying to hold on to you.

Submitted by: Jennifer on November 14, 2011

Goodbye has good in it for a reason.

Submitted by: kirbi trice on November 4, 2011

Amazing how a “goodbye” sometimes turns into a “Why did I let you go?”.

Submitted by: zeus M on October 31, 2011

When you said “Hello”, I knew I was never going to be able to say “Goodbye”.

Submitted by: Kade on October 30, 2011

If someone’s leaving, there is someone’s coming.

Submitted by: Rizz Mary Ann Alum on October 25, 2011

I’m afraid, afraid to see your face again, afraid of all those feelings rushing back… Maybe just maybe…i’m most afraid of being in love with you still… And that’s what I fear the most…

Submitted by: Miranda on October 24, 2011

When it comes to an end, just remember the melody and how you once sang those three special words.

Submitted by: Daniel Mckeown1291 on October 10, 2011

Don’t say goodbye to someone you’ll see again.

Submitted by: Jude ike on September 23, 2011

G- Good riddance!
O- Obviously I don’t love you any more
O- Oh you’re going
D- Don’t!
B- Believe me I was bluffing!
Y- Yes I still love you!
E- Easy to say, but hard to do…

Submitted by: hey999999 on September 19, 2011

Listen to your heart, before you tell him goodbye.

Submitted by: sum on September 18, 2011

When someone says goodbye, and they leave, you spend time in memories that show you what you had, and when you realize what you had, you’ll never take that for granted again.

Submitted by: Kishan M Swami on September 9, 2011

You loved me, I loved you. You hurt me so bad and left me no other choice but to hate you. I never wanted to grow apart… My heart is so fragile and sweet and I gave all of it to you but you took it for granted. Goodbye.

Submitted by: Shima on September 8, 2011

The day you said goodbye was the day my heart shattered to pieces.

Submitted by: Stud muffin on September 8, 2011

Every teardrop is all the memories we shared, now that it’s a goodbye.

Submitted by: Stud muffin on September 8, 2011

The hardest goodbyes are the ones that aren’t said or explained.

Submitted by: heart-broken on August 17, 2011

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