Horse Quotes and Sayings

Horses are wingless angels!

Submitted by: Joni on April 10, 2012

No hour of life is wasted that is spent on a saddle.

Submitted by: Vedica on March 4, 2012

Horse: He will stumble and you will fall and break your arm but he will never break your heart.

Submitted by: sushi on February 17, 2012

I have often been asked why do I like horses so much. Look into one’s eyes. There you will see generations of horses who have served the humans for thousands of years faithfully for nothing in return. Beaten horses, starved hoses, horses who no longer possess a spirit. They deserve to be loved and respected as much as humanly possible. Let them run free again. Let them no longer be a faithful beasts, but embrace them as you would a dear friend, for that is what they are.

Submitted by: Maggie on May 14, 2011

You Can Have My Boyfriend, But Stay Away From My Horse!

Submitted by: TrickChick007 on June 5, 2011

I’m never far away from home, ’cause home is where the horse is.
There’s such thing as heaven on earth; it’s called a horse.
When I ride my horse, all worries, sorrows, and fears eat the dust I leave behind.

Submitted by: JoYcE ? on February 3, 2012

Horses lend us the wings we lack…

Submitted by: JJ on July 6, 2010

There is not a better pair than a girl with her horse.

Submitted by: elizabeth15 on November 28, 2010

Sell the cow, buy the sheep, but never be without the horse.
– Irish Proverb

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.
Winston Churchill

The only time a dog is a man’s best friend is if the man hasn’t owned a horse before.;)

Submitted by: Taytay on May 14, 2012

When people say I’m obsessed with horses it’s an understatement.

Submitted by: Born2ride on December 13, 2011

Get a life, ride a horse.

Submitted by: za on March 3, 2012

Boyfriends, girlfriends, buddies may come and go, but my horse will be with me till the very end.

Submitted by: cassidy on October 23, 2011

Dogs have owners; Horses have a staff.
How to ride a horse:
Step 1- Mount the horse.
Step 2- Stay mounted.
He knows when you are happy. He knows when you are upset. He also knows when you have a carrot.
A racehorse is an animal that can take several thousand people for a ride at the same time.

Submitted by: Fraction on November 13, 2011

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