Insult Quotes, Insulting Sayings

You, sir, are an oxygen thief.

Submitted by: Skraa pa pa pa on June 5, 2019

He is known as an idiot savant, minus the savant.

Submitted by: Greg on June 5, 2019

I never insult any people I only tell them what they are.

Submitted by: Suraj savalgi on June 5, 2019

You can’t control what other people say about you, but you can control how you respond.

Submitted by: Sarah on June 4, 2019

The trash will get picked up tomorrow, be ready.

Submitted by: Yssabel on June 3, 2019

Did you forget your brain in your mother’s womb?
Cause I’m pretty sure you did.

Submitted by: Sara on June 3, 2019

Allowing you to survive childbirth was medical malpractice.

Submitted by: Elwyn Richards on June 3, 2019

The degree of your stupidity is enough to boil water.

Submitted by: jakeer on June 2, 2019

Your stupidity is so high I would like to kill myself and to do that I would have to jump from your ego to your IQ.

Submitted by: Kek on June 2, 2019

I would love to insult you, but I’m afraid I won’t do as well as nature did.

Submitted by: Koko on June 2, 2019

You are not useless because you can still be used as a bad example.

Submitted by: Godwin khaemba on June 2, 2019

The only reason Wiz Khalifa made the song black and yellow was because of your teeth.

Submitted by: KianDaBoss on December 13, 2018

If stupidity was a profession then you’d be a billionaire.

Submitted by: Fred on December 8, 2018

Are you sure this is your territory?

Submitted by: Elyse on December 8, 2018

You deserve someone like you.

Submitted by: Emulyn Chimasula on July 26, 2018

I’ve heard of being hit with the ugly stick, but you must have been beaten senseless.

Submitted by: Bk on July 22, 2018

When you die you could leave your brain to medical science, I’ve heard they need a new doorstop.

Submitted by: BK on July 22, 2018

Your mama is so fat that when God said let there be light, he first has to shove her out of the way.

Submitted by: Arwin Weenink on July 16, 2018

Of course I talk like an idiot. How else could you understand me?

Submitted by: Nisha negi on July 15, 2018

Sorry what? I don’t understand idiot language.

Submitted by: max on July 13, 2018

I’m sorry l, but you must die young. For the good of the universe just die young.

Submitted by: Lloyd on July 12, 2018

Your mom had a severe case of diarrhea when you were born.

Submitted by: Lloyd on July 12, 2018

Your mom never knew she was pregnant that’s why you were born in the toilet.

Submitted by: Lloyd on July 12, 2018

Friend: Hey it’s been a long time.
Me: I know and I’d love to keep it that way.

Submitted by: Seal on July 12, 2018

You’re so ugly when your mom took you to the hospital the first doctor she met told her please I’m not a veterinary doctor.

Submitted by: king peter on July 12, 2018

Can you please wipe your mouth. You’re dribbling sh*t again!

Submitted by: Faymc on July 10, 2018

I can explain it to you but I can’t understand it for you.

I’d love to stay and chat but I’d be lying.

Jesus loves you.
(Everyone else thinks you suck)

You look like the failed first draft of a final fantasies character.

Submitted by: Mia on March 25, 2018

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