Problem Quotes, Sayings about obstacles

Very few people want to solve problems, they just want to make enough money that the problems don’t affect them.

Nobody’s responsible for our problems but us.
Mark Manson

A positive attitude may not solve all our problems but that is the only option we have if we want to get out of problems.
– Subodh Gupta

My experience in Gujarat shows that howsoever big a problem might be, it is not insurmountable if we have the will to act.
Narendra Modi

Problems are the price you pay for progress.
– Branch Rickey

There will always be rocks in the road ahead of us. They will be stumbling blocks or stepping stones; it all depends on how you use them.
Friedrich Nietzsche

If I had only one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem, and only five minutes finding the solution.
Albert Einstein

If you run into a problem
Don’t complain.
Find a solution.

Nothing that can make our brain perfect and more creative than problems. Many things we learn through problems that we face.

Every test successfully met is rewarded by some growth in intuitive knowledge, strengthening of character, or initiation into a higher consciousness.
– Paul Brunton

There are moments when troubles enter our lives and we can do nothing to avoid them. But they are there for a reason. Only when we have overcome them will we understand why they were there.
Paulo Coelho

Truth is the power that will resolve our problems.
Imran Khan

Never give up, no matter how hard life gets no matter how much pain you feel. Pain will eventually subside, nothing remains forever, so keep going and don’t give up.
Imran Khan

When you fly high people will throw stones at you. Don’t look down. Just fly higher so the stones won’t reach you.
Chetan Bhagat

When I hear something going wrong, I insist on it being put right.
Rupert Murdoch

Staying occupied displaces preoccupation and problems, and when we face our problems, they disappear.
Carlos Slim

When we face our problems, they disappear. So learn from failure and let success be the silent incentive.
Carlos Slim

Courage taught me no matter how bad a crisis gets… any sound investment will eventually pay off.
Carlos Slim

You’re probably on the right track if you feel like a sidewalk worm during a rainstorm.
Larry Page

Solving big problems is easier than solving little problems.
Sergey Brin

Take the stones people throw at you, and use them to build a monument.
Ratan Tata

Part of my role and part of my job is to shine a spotlight on issues that need that spotlight, whether it’s people, whether it’s causes, issues, whatever it is.
Prince Harry

All of us have problems. We face them every day. How grateful I am that we have difficult things to wrestle with. They keep us young, they keep us alive, they keep us going, they keep us humble. Be grateful for your problems, and know that somehow there will come a solution. Just do the best you can, but be sure it is the very best.
Gordon B. Hinckley

A difficulty is a light. An insurmountable difficulty is a sun.
Paul Valéry

You do not achieve anything without trouble, ever.
Margaret Thatcher

A heart has problems which mind cannot understand.
Santosh Kalwar

Never cry because you have mountains of problem in your hands to solve. Always smile because each problems will someday resolve.
Santosh Kalwar

In a day, when you don’t come across any problems – you can be sure that you are traveling in a wrong path.
Swami Vivekananda

Don’t let a small bump in the road be the end of your journey.

Just because you have problems, it doesn’t mean you should not have dreams. Instead, let your dreams become the scheme to solve your problems.

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