Acceptance means no complaining, and happiness means no complaining about the things over which you can do nothing.


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  • People who never achieve happiness are the ones who complain whenever they’re awake, and whenever they’re asleep, they are thinking...
  • Everyone has to make their own decisions. I still believe in that. You just have to be able to accept...
  • Complaining is good for you as long as you’re not complaining to the person you’re complaining about. – Lynn Johnston
  • Some people complain there are too many people on earth, Some people complain about secret societies, Some people accuse others...
  • Complainers change their complaints, but they never reduce the amount of time spent in complaining. – Mason Cooley
  • Complaining is a complete waste of one’s energy. Those who complain the most accomplish the least. – Robert Tew
  • You could at least complain,” I say. “I adore complaining. It calms the nerves.” – Franny Billingsley
  • People that pay for things never complain. It’s the guy you give something to that you can’t please. – Will...
  • Never complain or adopt the habit to whine over small things and never ever justify yourself.
  • I’m not about talking and finger-pointing and complaining. I’m about getting things done. – Christine Quinn
  • I’m fearless, I don’t complain. Even when horrible things happen to me, I go on. – Sofia Vergara
  • Maturity is the ability to reap without apology and not complain when things don’t go well. – Jim Rohn
  • Stop complaining on Facebook! Worse things have happened to better people, so shut up.
  • Stop complaining about the simple things in life! There are people out there who are fighting to stay alive.
  • Complaining not only ruins everybody else’s day, it ruins the complainer’s day, too. The more we complain, the more unhappy...

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