God said man was not meant to be alone, so he made me you. My women, my eve, my first love. Who has and holds and keeps my heart. God wove together such a beautiful work of art. We’ve known each other from the start. And if I had the choice we’d never ever be apart.  

I’d stay by your side and you’d stay by mine. We could be together till the end of time. I’ll make you happy as can be. Because that beautiful smile is what I want to see. And it means so much more when I know that smile is meant for me.

There’s no sound cuter or more innocent then your laugh. And the kisses from your soft lips that make my whole body tingle? Those, I have to have.  

It’s not only that. Everything about you is so beautiful and amazing to me. I know there’s no other way I’d rather have it than to make you.. my bride to be.  

I could give you the world. I could make you the happiest girl. So what do you say? Can we give it a whirl? First you must be warned that if you say yes, together will be. Will never fall apart. I’ll forever treasure gods work of art. And if you say no? My world will be in flames. With no one other than me to blame. I will feel empty and alone as I do know. Because so far life without you is the closest I’ve ever been to hell.

Submitted by: Josh r

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  • dan

    Dedicated to the most wonderful person in the world Sara…


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