Listen to your heart. Even when it says you need advice.

Submitted by: Molizabeth Sieng

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  • Listen to your elder’s advice. Not because they are always right but because they have more experiences of being wrong…
  • The best advice is not always the most obvious, it’s about listening and understanding the unique situation of the person.
  • The most golden rule is – Do not ever ignore advice, whether you feel it is good or bad. Listening...
  • The best advice I can give is to ignore advice. Life is too short to be distracted by the opinions...
  • The people who continually whine about receiving bad advice are the ones who never follow good advice. – Alan Robert...
  • Good advice is often annoying – bad advice never is.
  • Rather than taking advice from poor people on how to be rich. Take advice from people who are where you...
  • If someone tells you to never take advice from anyone should you take his?
  • Advice is what we ask for when we already know the truth but wish we didn’t.
  • Giving you advice doesn’t mean that I’m smarter than you, I’ve just been through a lot of sh*t.
  • Don’t give advice you wouldn’t take if you were in their shoes.
  • When wishing upon a star seems like your best option, you are in need of advice.
  • Let other people advice but never let them decide for you.
  • Never take advice from unproductive people.
  • Never try to give advice to someone if you have been stupid enough to take theirs

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