Long-term results are a function of persistence and patience more than brilliance.
Shane Parrish


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  • What looks like success is often just patience. – Shane Parrish
  • What appears to be luck is often preparation and patience. – Shane Parrish
  • Don’t let a lack of patience be the reason you don’t succeed. – Shane Parrish
  • Lack of patience derails more ambitions than a lack of ability. – Shane Parrish
  • A lack of patience reveals a lack of understanding. – Shane Parrish
  • A lack of consistency keeps ordinary people from extraordinary results. It’s like we’re Sisyphus rolling a boulder halfway up the...
  • Impatience kills more dreams than incompetence. – Shane Parrish
  • You have a choice between what you want now and what you want most. Don’t let feeling good today come...
  • The most useful form of patience is persistence. Patience implies waiting for things to improve on their own. Persistence implies...
  • If you are not patient with the little things, you won’t be patient with the big things. – Shane Parrish
  • Patience is not about doing nothing. Patience is about constantly doing everything you can. But being patient about results.
  • Patience and silence are two powerful energies. patience makes you mentally strong, silence makes you emotionally strong!
  • Be positive, patient and persistent.
  • Persistence pays off. – Noah Kagan
  • Paralyze resistance with persistence. – Woody Hayes

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