Plenty of people wish to become devout, but no one wishes to be humble.
Joseph Addison


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  • Humble people don’t get offended easily. – Radhanath Swami
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  • You can not have humbleness in the presence of arrogance.
  • Humble is such a lonely word. -KakSri
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  • A contented man is never poor. A humble man is never arrogant. – Dr T.P.Chia
  • Humbleness is productive, narcissism is destructive. – Dr T.P.Chia
  • I am no more humble than my talents require. – Oscar Levant
  • It is always the secure who are humble. -Gilbert Keith Chesterton
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  • Humbleness promotes respect and good will. Arrogance invites disrespect and ill will. – Dr T.P.Chia
  • Humbleness is good sense and wisdom. Modesty invites encouragement and support. – Dr T.P.Chia

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