That is always our problem, not how to get control of people, but how all together we can get control of a situation.
– Mary Parker Follett


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  • As far as your self control goes, as far goes your freedom. – Marie Ebner
  • Being a man is not about how tough you are, its about how you control...
  • We can never control how other people treat us, but we can control our emotions...
  • The most powerful control we can ever attain, is to be in control of ourselves....
  • The more you understand yourself, the more you can control yourself. – Dr T.P.Chia
  • Control your tongue and make no enemy.
  • One who has control over their emotions has great power over those who don’t!
  • You must admit you have self-control before you can use it. -Carrie Latet
  • To love is to lose control. – Paulo Coelho
  • To enjoy freedom we have to control ourselves. – Virginia Woolf
  • The intelligent desire self-control; children want candy. – Rumi
  • I can’t even imagine the self control required to work at a bubble wrap factory.
  • He that is quiet and knows how to seal his mouth and control the tongue...
  • Swearing signals a lack of eloquence and emotional control. – Naval Ravikant
  • Self-control is strength. Right thought is mastery. Calmness is power. – James Allen

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