There is nothing more ancient than the truth.
Rene Descartes


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  • Plaisime sandro

    I’d like to know the meaning of this quote.

  • admin

    @Plaisime sandro
    The quote “There is nothing more ancient than the truth” by RenĂ© Descartes conveys the idea that truth is an eternal and timeless concept that predates everything else. It suggests that truth exists independently of human perception and understanding, and it holds a fundamental and enduring nature.

    Descartes, a renowned philosopher and mathematician, emphasizes the significance and primacy of truth in his quote. Truth is seen as a foundational and unchanging aspect of reality that transcends human interpretations and perspectives. It implies that truth has always existed and will continue to exist, regardless of whether or not it is recognized or acknowledged by individuals.

    This quote also implies that truth is a key element in our pursuit of knowledge and understanding. Descartes, known for his method of skepticism and rationalism, valued the search for truth as a means to attain certainty and clarity in our thinking. By recognizing the timeless nature of truth, Descartes highlights its importance as a guiding principle in our quest for knowledge and wisdom.

    Overall, Descartes’ quote suggests that truth is an ancient and enduring concept that stands as a fundamental aspect of reality. It implies that truth is independent of human perception and plays a crucial role in our pursuit of knowledge and understanding.


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