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Those who doesn’t heed good advice are bound to doom.

Advice Quote: Those who doesn’t heed good advice are...

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Submitted by: Bankole Joseph

Have you ever thought about this? If someone close to you is trying hard to pass a good bit of advice and you take no notice. What does it make you?

Advice Quote: Have you ever thought about this? If...

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Submitted by: O. A. N

Listen to your heart. Even when it says you need advice.

Submitted by: Molizabeth Sieng

Don’t give advice you wouldn’t take if you were in their shoes.

Submitted by: Anthony Hamilton

When wishing upon a star seems like your best option, you are in need of advice.

Submitted by: Ton Ha

It’s easier to advise than be advised.

Submitted by: Warwick John

Let other people advice but never let them decide for you.

Submitted by: Sachin Sinha

Never show your emotion through tears & never show anger through words.

Submitted by: Genius

Never take advice from unproductive people.

Submitted by: Shavoris Brown

The most golden rule is – Do not ever ignore advice, whether you feel it is good or bad. Listening never harms any one. It is how you take it, apply it and use it that matters in the end.

Submitted by: Sarita Wariyer, Bengaluru,India

Advice is what we ask for when we already know the truth but wish we didn’t.

Submitted by: shanon siviour

Don’t try and teach that which you have yet to master yourself.

Submitted by: seth

Never make a promise when you’re happy.
Never make a decision when you’re angry.

Submitted by: wise man said

You can let your mind do the thinking, and let your heart do the loving, but don’t let others control you.

Submitted by: izzy saole

Never fight fire with fire you only get burned.

Submitted by: Chad

Don’t waste your life focusing on the bad things and what people tell you that you could never do, look at all the good things and all the paths you could follow to fulfill your dreams.

Submitted by: Kendyl

Easiest thing in the world is to give advice and toughest thing is to take it.

Submitted by: Arun

Never try to give advice to someone if you have been stupid enough to take theirs

Submitted by: fish

Do not let people look down on you because you are young, but be an example to them in faith and wisdom.

Submitted by: Kavinya

A pen is mighter then a sword.

Submitted by: Aarti

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