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Love may hurt your heart and yet losing your friends are the only way to break “it” into peices.

Submitted by: jack black

Life may lead to such pain in your soul but friends will always make it better in the end.

Submitted by: jack black

If all you can do is run away, your friends will be there when you stop to help you find your way home.

Submitted by: jack black

Friends last for a life time
but best friends never end

Submitted by: Kelso

You can have everything: wisdom, strength, and health. But you cannot be happy without a true friend.

Submitted by: Greg

Dont ever forget that your best friends will always be beside you,
when your crying over a boy,
when you got into a fight,
even when you just have to be with them.

Submitted by: -unknown

You know what a best friend is when they help you, understand your feelings, who will pick you over the hottest boy in school. A true friend listens to your feelings, and actually cares. You can’t explain what a best friend really is, because there is all of those inside jokes, made up words, and much more.
Never get rid of your best friends.

Submitted by: Sierra

A friend will help you up when you fall, but a true friend will push you back down laughing.

Submitted by: Sierra

Some friends, maybe crazy.. But thats why you love them.. Thick through thin, they will always have your back.

Submitted by: breannee

Okay I made these all by myself from experiences, please do NOT steal.
He’s in love with my best friend and I can’t go behind her back yet I can’t forget the love I had for him.
He’s my wall of protection; no one knows my weakness but him.
I love him like a friend, I love him like a brother, and I’d even love him if he was an enemy.
People ask who I’m in love with I reply no one but its really my best friend.
If he doesn’t love you back then walk away. Remember the good times together before he knew.
With guys don’t play hard to get cos they are not sophisticated enough to know how to win.
I dislike my ex, I like my boyfriend, and I secretly love my best friend.
I love someone who catches me when I fall, makes me smile when I’m sad, and the one who is already taken.
True friends breakup with their boyfriend just so you could date them. Fake friends take the offer when a real friend refuses to agree.
If people say follow your heart when its broken say “I can’t the path is split in half.”
So easy to say I love you to someone you don’t and easy to break there hearts. So hard to say I love to the one you do and can’t help but cry when they break yours.
If you’ve ever been in love then you know what it feels like to be heartbroken.
Guy’s say things that make no sense, make you hate them, make you think they’re weird, stupid, or foolish, but there are rare occasions where you know they are the ones you love.
Just like girls once you push them far enough boys walk away but unlike us they come back.
Don’t search for the second half of your heart let the one holding it find you.
If you like someone and you leave, do you wonder if they miss you while you’re gone?
Things happen and others don’t know. You pretend nothing is wrong, some fall for it and others don’t. You’re social but you are preferring to be left alone all the time.
Don’t let others try to control the path you take growing up; be who you want to be and follow your dreams!
You try to escape the reality in ways others don’t. You’re an irregular teenage girl, but at least you’re being who you want to be.

Submitted by: ANNA

When im with my friends boring isnt a word :L

Submitted by: Neamhy ellie

A good friend can only see if you are happy.a true friend can see your happy but know your crushed on the inside.

Submitted by: Chelsea.

Best friends- always there for you when you are bored..answer every phone call..take you everywhere..there when you need them most..what could I do without my friends. Love you loads I’ll always be there for you.

Submitted by: Emma C from Ireland

The reason we’re not sisters, is because our parents couldn’t handle us if we were sisters.

Submitted by: Zoa Chapman

We go down we go down together, because best friends means best friends forever(:

Submitted by: Zoa Chapman

A good friend sees the first tear, catches the second and stops the third

Submitted by: LAYDEE 2 UNIQUE

A freind is someone who can look at you with the biggest smile on your face and still tell something is wrong.
Rab @ Mel best friends for life ALWAYS

Submitted by: Rab RFC BALLYMENA


Submitted by: johnray

Best vittamin for making friends is B1

Submitted by: donna

A friend will say “I’m right behind you” but a true friend will be right beside you holding your hand the whole way.
My best friends are the type of people I can always count on. They will be there when I need someone to talk to, and even when I can’t talk to them, I know that they are there for me!

Submitted by: Laikyn

A best friend tells you what you don’t what to tell yourself.
– when I read this I thought wow is that true because everytime I do something wrong my friends would tell me what I did and how I could fix it

Submitted by: not gonna tell you

Friends are everything

Submitted by: Julia

Best friends: Not even Kodak could capture all those crazy memories.

I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends, I’m surrounded by angels but I call them friends.

Many people will walk in and out of your life but true friends will leave footprints on your heart.

Submitted by: rad mad

Friends are your laughs and your fights and the ones who are there to make you laugh again.

Submitted by: Jordan

Friends forever, never apart, maybe by distance, but never by heart…

Submitted by: kristen

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