Clever Quotes and Sayings

Grass maybe greener on the other side , but it might not have as many flowers.

Submitted by: Nicci

When life gives you lemons, say ok lemons…what else you got?

Submitted by: steph

Knowledge and love makes a human different than animals
knowledge : know led edge = know how to lead to your edge

Submitted by: andreas

Climbing the stairs step by step because you were to afraid to take the elavator.

Submitted by: Anon

To do is too difficult to do.

Submitted by: ram

Life is like a poker game… Gotta raise up the stakes!!!

Submitted by: J_Smooth

The early bird catches the early worm…

Submitted by: dvillarjr

How can you go up and down and up and down but never move? ask a road on some hills that =].

Submitted by: James

The grass may be greener on the other side, but then again you still have to mow it…

Submitted by: Jordyy

If you think you feel good,,
then wait till you feel me…

Submitted by: sport blue

Do unto others as you would have other do unto you

Submitted by: Travis

No matter where you go, there you are!

Submitted by: StudyBuddy

They say, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
Well I’m here to tell you, if my grass was being watered twice a day, it would be pretty green.

Submitted by: Melissa Mangus

Those who Know they do not Know that to Know is to Know what they do not Know!
– Ali Sina (Aveccina)

Submitted by: Shumaila

Strong men are strong, but no better then the rest, since they still die, as for the wise, they are no better then the rest of us since they still silently wonder.

Submitted by: Wonder Woman

My teacher says that Bill Gate was a millionaire when he was of my age but he always forget that he was a trillionaire when he was of my teacher’s age ;- )

Submitted by: sourabh

Most people who drive in a hurry are never in a hurry.

Submitted by: emmanuel Oboh

They say when life gives you lemons…but what happens when life gives you a banana?

Submitted by: Emily M.

Girl: WOW ! You have big feet! =O
Guy: You know what they say about big feet don’t you? ;)
Girl: No??

Submitted by: SOPHIE-LOPHIE

“It is what it can only be.”
“To compare, is not to prove.”
“Wit must be foiled by wit;cut a diamond with a diamond.”

Submitted by: Carmen

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