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No way is long if you are with me.

Submitted by: Riyaz

A friend is one who believes in you when you cease to believe in yourself.

Submitted by: Amber

Real friends will save you.

Submitted by: shazzzz

True friends build you up, but in order to have friends, you have to make the effort to be friendly!

Submitted by: Mahlet

I had a great friend she was always there for me, until I got asked out by her crush. And I said yes. I miss her, she was there for me when I had my first heart break, she was there for my first time asking out a guy, she was there when I needed some to talk to. And this is how I paid her back I feel stupid I did the wrong thing I knew it would hurt her but I was stupid enough to do it.

Submitted by: Leslie

True friends are never separated by time or distance.

Submitted by: chief nyosh

If you commit a mistake, fail & mess up. Friends are there to smile and say “You still belong and we love you!”

Submitted by: Liza

Friends are shameless souls who please and annoy each other shamelessly and unregrettably.

Submitted by: CANTANKEROUS

One knows one has a true unconditional friendship when the brick wall you created over years is dust and your comfort zone is mutual.

Submitted by: Tracy

I can’t forget the last of my college life the day we tried to hide our sadness to each other and try to laugh. And now when I recall all those memories it made me happy. And a smile appear in lips its a sad smile and remind the promise that we always said “best friend today tomorrow and forever”.

Submitted by: NOSH

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