Depression Quotes, Sayings about being depressed

The scientific evidence is clear that exercise significantly reduces depression and anxiety.
– Johann Hari

Depression is like an ocean, it covers 70 percent of the earth and that extra 30 percent is just broken places.

Depression is when you wake up and all you can think about is going back to sleep. Forever. You numb your pain or distract yourself by drinking, cutting, medication, drugs, etc.

Frustrations come because we impose our illusions on reality.

Only stepping out of old ruts will bring new insights.
– Andy Grove

The scrutiny that young people face on social media can lead to anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts.
– Lady Gaga

Reminder -if you feel chronically depressed -try this before you swallow pills: Sunlight, exercise, clean diet, meditation, 8-9 hours of sleep, human interaction. Daily for 2-3 months. There’s a very high chance your depression will get fixed.

Toxins consumed by people on a daily basis: sugar, vegetable oils, TV, excessive/indiscriminate social media, “socialization”, hurriedness, political and celebrity gossip, news, “friends”, social approval/validation.
– The Ancient Sage

Most symptoms of depression and anxiety are due to: GMO food, no exercise, sitting all day, disconnect with nature, gossiping, no ambition, lack of sunlight, toxic relationships, victim hood mentality, pleasure seeking. There’s no medication to cure this.
– Ralph Napolitano

Why are depression and anxiety on the rise? Because modern society is designed to make you anxious and depressed. Garbage food, sedentary lifestyle, cubicle work, social media, toxic politics, hookup culture, loss of religion, decline of family, drugs, consumerism.
– Zuby

Depression is the result of over thinking. The mind creates problems that didn’t even exist.

I’m not afraid of dying anymore. I’m more afraid of living. I don’t see the point anymore. Was there ever one? Because if it was to just go through life feeling the way I do, they I don’t wanna be here.

I am sorry I’m not pretty.
I am sorry I’m not smart.
I am sorry I’m failing.
I am sorry I’m to blame.
I am sorry I’m worthless.
I am sorry I’m useless.
I am sorry I was born.

I’m the type of girl who smiles to make everyone’s day. Even though I’m dying inside.

I miss me. The old me. The real me. The happy me. The laughing me. The smiling me. The gone me.

Depression : it’s a curse in our lives. Where we feel everything, where we are surrounded by everyone. But still feel alone and unwanted.

Depression is like you are in a black hole that has sucked all your emotions out of you leaving you a numb dead feeling, as you stare out at all the people who do not notice this, they might ask you if you are okay and you say yes but inside you want to scream no help I’m dying.

Depression is not something you are born with it’s something you develop and when you develop it its hard to make it go away. Waking up in the morning is not the same. Waking up I want to go right back to sleep and never wake up. I cut not for attention but because I hate my life. It’s like a nightmare I can never escape. I truly feel like I’m not living n that I’m here just to be here I feel no emotion but pain. I want to be able to say a proper goodbye before I kill myself but I can’t just leave this f**ked up world outta nowhere but I can try. It’s that easy to to overdose, it’s that easy to hang, it’s that easy to cut but it’s hard when you get bullied to the point where you actually kill yourself.

Behind my smile is a hurting heart, behind my laugh I’m falling apart. Look closely at me and you will see, the girl I am, it isn’t me. This girl that you see here it’s the girl that smiles everyday but, that she cries every night. Yeah I am a 13 year old what do I know about life? Nothing. Bullying, judgments, gossip, social media, popularity, drugs, cameras, rumors, fake, etc. That’s what it hurts the most that’s what it kills you. Everyone has their own thing to hide sadness/depression, well mine’s a smile. I help people but when I ask for there help, they are not there.

Sometimes you gotta smile even though you know everything’s not ok.

When I say I’m fine. It really means:

F**ked up
Emotionally unavailable.

Depression is staring at the mirror and not even recognizing the person staring back.

Depression. What’s the first thing you think? Emo, goth, sadness, tears? No, depression is when you feel physically broken. When you wake up in the morning and just want to go to bed. It hurts to smile or lie to people that you are ok.

When you have depression it’s like you’re watching the world spin without being able to breath. What’s worse is that every day you have to pretend to be happy because you know down inside faking a smile is easier than explaining your pain. That’s depression.

I don’t know how it started. I just felt it. Nobody knows about my depression. Even my family and my friends don’t know about this except for my boy friend. I’m scared to tell them because I know how will they react. And maybe some of them will think that I’m just overreacting to the things that is happening in my life. Yes. They will never understand me. They don’t even have any idea that I’m suffering with this kind of illness.

Maybe I’m good at hiding things about myself. I attempt suicide many times but I can’t. It’s hard because I know it hurts. I want to die already but I’m scared of the pain. It’s funny isn’t it? This feeling. It sucks already. I just wanna get out of this and live freely and happily.

Jesus is the only medicine that can heal my depression. In him I have hope, peace and love. And through him, my life will be colorful again just like the rainbow in the sky.

When you’re depressed, you don’t know what to do. You’re looking for something that can make you happy and something that can comfort you but you can’t find any. It’s a feeling of hopelessness and a feeling of you just wanna give up.

Depression doesn’t just go away completely. It just simply fades away after you’ve been sad for awhile and when your finally starting to get better, it comes right back.

I tell him I like him, he doesn’t like me the say way, he says sorry and I say don’t worry it’s okay. The adrenaline running through my veins at that very moment I press send but my life and joy has come to an end.

With every broken piece I pick up to help fix everything, the pieces begin to go missing. I don’t know what to do nor what to expect but now I know that I am the one that was dissected. Not just from the inside but also on the out side, but I am still the one that has not cried.

My last breath signals my death I cannot see it’s pitch black I know I will never come back, you cross my mind but I’m undefined, you see I’m not perfect so whatever but you may never want to be together, my heart still crumbles as well as it burns but it’s not my turn. Everyone lives knowing you’re not happy but do they know we are super crappy.

Cuddling literally kills depression, relieves anxiety and strengthens the immune system.

Depression is definitely a touchy subject unless you have it. The feeling of always being numb, heartless, broken, and most of the time just feeling absolutely useless can break you down to nothing but a barely breathing soul. That is whatever soul you have left. Depression is a disease. It can often spread like wildfire. Just keep a true smile on your face, and pray to God you don’t get it too.

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