Horse Quotes and Sayings - Page 7

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The love of riding, greatly outdoes the fear of falling off.

Submitted by: Horsewhisperer

Horses fear many things I do not think a rider could be one of them.
Before you get on their back you have to get inside their mind.

Submitted by: Ashlan

Never forget to thank your horse for honoring you with his/her trust.

Submitted by: Angela Logan

If you’ve known the heart of a horse… You have truly known LOVE.
A good horse = the one love that will never break your heart.

Submitted by: Angela Logan

Life is easier when you have a good horse.

Submitted by: James

My social life has four legs and smells bad.

Submitted by: Adry

If you don’t love your horse at his worse, then you don’t deserve him at his best.

Submitted by: Joni7

I’d rather sit and clean my tack than be out partying. I’d rather ride than go to the pub. I’d rather groom than shop. I love my horse.

Submitted by: Hannah Ellis

Anything your horse can do, mine can do better!

Submitted by: ForeverYoungGDB

Horses are wingless angels!

Submitted by: Joni
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