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Real friendship is when your friend comes over to your house and you both just take a nap.

I feel like I should clean the house so I’m going to take a nap until that feeling passes.

Two things are infinite: the universe and naps; and I’m not sure about the universe.
Albert Einstein

Best thing about being pregnant…People WANT you to nap and you don’t feel guilty or lazy for doing so.

I hate being tired in school and thinking ‘I’m going to take a nap as soon as I get home.’ and then when I get home I’m not tired anymore.


My kid is napping. If you wake ’em, you take ’em.

Naps are nature’s way of reminding you that life is nice – like a beautiful, softly swinging hammock strung between birth and infinity.
– Peggy Noonan

I usually take a two hour nap from one to four.
Yogi Berra

I was going to workout, but then I realized… this nap isn’t going to take itself.

‘I need a nap’- me an hour after waking up in the morning..

That moment when you have so much stuff to do but you decide to take a nap instead.


I’m so good at sleeping I can do it with my eyes closed

When I was a child I thought nap time was a punishment, now that I’m a mom I think nap time is a vacation.

When the going gets tough, the tough take a nap.
– Tom Hodgkinson

Dream as if you’ll live forever; live as if you’ll nap today.

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