Problem Quotes, Sayings about obstacles - Page 2

A problem solved by force is yet another bigger problem waiting to be solved.

Submitted by: rycyzt

All problems are illusions of the mind.
– Eckhart Tolle

Each problem that I solved became a rule which served afterwards to solve other problems.
– René Descartes

Should you find yourself knee deep in problematic troubles, remember these two things: You will never see the solution if you keep your eye on the problem; The type of thinking that got you into trouble is NOT the type of thinking that will get you out!

Submitted by: Loraine McCoy

Problems always look smaller after a warm meal and a good night’s sleep.

I’ve learned one valuable lesson in my life… So far
It’s harder to run away from your problems than face them.

Submitted by: Missy

Life without problems isn’t normal. So don’t think having problems destroy life because they are part of it.

Submitted by: kathrine Yee Baraquia

Problems are everywhere, so are solutions. Unfortunately, we see more of the problems than the solutions.

Submitted by: RVM

Just like waves in the ocean come and go, no challenge is permanent. Problems will come and go too. We must enjoy the challenges just like we enjoy the waves.

Submitted by: RVM

Running away from problems or troubles will make you fall into another problem or trouble.

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