Truth Quotes and Sayings

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If you want to fool the world tell the truth.

Submitted by: Falguni Panchal

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.
Albert Einstein

Truth Quote: Whoever is careless with the truth in...

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There are three sides to every story: yours, theirs and the truth.

Submitted by: Kay

Hurt me with the truth, but never comfort me with a lie.

Submitted by: kunal

Telling the truth and make someone cry is better than telling a lie to make someone smile.

Submitted by: jessica

Always listen to people when they’re mad, that’s when the truth comes out.

Submitted by: gwen .

Everyone wants the truth but no one wants to be honest.

Truth Quote: Everyone wants the truth but no one...

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Always be truthful especially to yourself. The worst thing one can do is lie to self.

Submitted by: Yusuf

The truth hurts for a while but a lie hurts forever.

Submitted by: [ ..CRIM-NARZ.. ]

The naked truth is way better than a well-dressed lie.

Submitted by: Tiela Selepe

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