Anger Quotes and Sayings

Silence is the best way to react while angry.

Submitted by: Matovu joseph on August 15, 2013

An old Cherokee told his grandson:
“My son, there’s a battle between two wolves inside us all.

One is Evil. It’s anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego.

The other is Good. It’s joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness & truth.”

The boy thought about it, and asked:
“Grandfather, which wolf wins?”

The old man quietly replied:
“The one you feed.”

Jealousy releases anger and anger is the greatest and the ultimate enemy that can forever determine your judgement and ultimately withhold your destiny.

Submitted by: DUODU HENRY APPIAH KORANG on July 30, 2014

Never make a decision when you are angry, never make a promise when you are happy.

Submitted by: irum salim on May 30, 2010

Never go to bed angry, stay awake and plot your revenge!

Submitted by: simon on June 24, 2010

The strong man is not the good wrestler; the strong man is only the one who controls himself when he is angry.
– Prophet Muhammad

Submitted by: Seek on December 27, 2010

Don’t mix bad words with your bad mood. You’ll have many opportunities to change a mood, but you’ll never get the opportunity to replace the words you spoke.

Never assume any thing.
Nothing will land you in problem faster than false assumption.
There are two sides to every story.

Submitted by: Damon John Ward on August 8, 2010

Don’t get mad, smile and creep them out instead.

Submitted by: banana on September 23, 2010

Always listen to people when they’re mad, that’s when the truth comes out.

Submitted by: gwen . on December 30, 2009

The embarrassment after the anger is biggest humiliation a person can experience.

Submitted by: Edi Feldman on June 14, 2010

Angry? Take a deep breath before you speak, because your mouth acts quicker than your brain.

A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of regret

Anger is our natural defense against pain. So when I say I hate you, it really means “You hurt me”.

When you ask someone if you over reacted, then that’s your heart telling your mind that it was a stupid decision.

Submitted by: malloy on June 29, 2010

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