Best Friend Quotes, Sayings for BFFs

If you punch a good friend in the face, they look at you and say “What was that for?!?!?” But a best friend just punches you right back.

Submitted by: Emyaley on January 27, 2012

A good friend will stand behind you in a fight.
A best friend will be standing in front of you ready to knock the girl out.
A good friend will be willing to cry it out.
A best friend will slap you and say “Toughen up”.

Submitted by: VaNg AnDeRsOn on November 18, 2011

When you find a true friend the lock on life is opened.

Submitted by: Sara on April 24, 2010

True friends are extremely hard to find.. In life you’ll be lucky to find at least one and i’ve got mine she was hard to find, shes lucky to have, but now im scared to loose her..
she promised me its forever.. I hope she keeps her promises

Submitted by: jenniefinch on August 12, 2008

Dont ever forget that your best friends will always be beside you,
when your crying over a boy,
when you got into a fight,
even when you just have to be with them.

Submitted by: -unknown on July 11, 2008

Best friends are those who warm your heart when it’s cold outside, the ones who walk with you when it’s dark, the ones who pick you up when you’re down and the ones who you can call up at 3 in the morning having heard a funny joke and not hang up on you but laugh along with you. Forever and ever, no matter what.

Submitted by: Melly on March 13, 2012

A true friend is someone who is never ashamed of you no matter what.

Submitted by: halima on January 14, 2011

A true friend will be there when you fall, or when you cry they will catch the tear, or sit with your sad, and even help you up when you down!!

Submitted by: abbi babi on October 23, 2008

A friend is someone who has seen you in your worst, but still sees the best in you.;)
ily for being there maggie.(:

Submitted by: xlovex on September 27, 2008

Your best friend is like shadow, always there and always will be.

Submitted by: Liv on November 11, 2011

True friends are the ones who will stand by you even when you’re wrong. <3

Submitted by: Kayla on November 25, 2011

When besties are together then there is no need to someone else.

Submitted by: Pooja jain on May 7, 2017

When it hurts to look back and you’re scared to look ahead you can just look beside you and your best friend will be there.

Submitted by: daisy on November 10, 2015

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.

Submitted by: naiya loves u on October 1, 2011

My best friend is my “crayon” she makes my day more colorful.:)

Submitted by: tori on February 9, 2012

Best friends are like couples, although they last longer, talk more, and actually understand each other.

Submitted by: Grizzy on December 21, 2011

Best friends are the ones that are always by your side they never leave you and they say your the best a false friend won’t be with you during the times your at school she will always be with you everywhere you go and she won’t go with anybody else excpet for you thats your true friend =]

Submitted by: Gaby Martinez on March 14, 2008

A true friend is the one who even though he knows he was terribly wrong to you can’t find the right words to tell you how much light you bring in his life every day so he just posts quotes invented by himself on the internet.
I’m sorry Ade! I will stalk you forever.

Submitted by: Mocanu Andreea C. on July 16, 2012

A best friend is when she/he can talk and look into your eyes. He/she can make you happy without trying to.When he/she knows everything about you and your life and doesn’t judge or tell anyone. When they know your in trouble and try to help you. You can only find one in this lifetime.

Submitted by: cyra gonzales on March 26, 2009

A friend is someone you talk to about random things, nothing personal, and who you say hi to once in a while.
A true best friend is someone you talk to everyday or anytime you can talk, the one that shares deep & dark secrets with you, and you share them together without the judgment.
A true best friend is what everyone needs.

Submitted by: Blitz on March 25, 2012

You’re stupid and annoying but who cares cause we’re best mates and no one can take that away from us, we’re like sisters always together, always agree, never split up and get angry with each- other so if you want to know why we’re best mates then that’s why.
Love you loads and always will.:D

Submitted by: Lola Merana on December 30, 2011

Friends are your laughs and your fights and the ones who are there to make you laugh again.

Submitted by: Jordan on June 9, 2008

A friend is someone who is always standing by your side even when you’re wrong.

Submitted by: Ashley on January 30, 2012

No matter how many conflicts between you and your friend,,still he/she will care for you and make you smile with his/her corny jokes..
Friendship is the most powerful commitment given by God, for us to learn and develop.
Real friends are few and don’t let them go.

Submitted by: MArk DeSon on October 20, 2011

True friends looks deep in to your soul.

Submitted by: Showfire100 on November 29, 2011

A best friend is someone who can live without anything except you.

Submitted by: eden estelle dmello on November 13, 2011

A friend will comfort you when you are down, but a best friend will skip along side you with a baseball bat singing “someones gonna get it”.

Submitted by: Harley on January 4, 2012

Finding a best friend like you is like nailing jelly to a tree, impossible. <3

Submitted by: zoZo on January 29, 2012

If you Cry I cry, If you Laugh I laugh, If you jump off a cliff I will be at the bottom to catch you.
(Meaning: If you’re sad I will be there for you, if you’re happy I will be happy for you, If you make a mistake I will go through the troubles with you.)

Submitted by: Brookieee on November 5, 2011

True friends leave memories that cannot be forgotten.

Submitted by: Lola on December 23, 2011

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