Cricket Quotes and Sayings

Just give it everything you’ve got and bowl as fast as possible.
Imran Khan

The team which handles the pressure best, carries the day.
Imran Khan

I want my team to play like a cornered tiger…when it’s said it’s most dangerous.
Imran Khan

There are 2 types of captains in World Cricket. One is MS Dhoni and the other are the all others.
Navjot Sidhu

The third umpires should be changed as often as nappies and for the same reason.
Navjot Sidhu

Wickets are like wives, you never know which way they will turn!
Navjot Sidhu

I’ve always believed that cricket is played best when your mind is at the opposite end and that problems occur when your mind is stuck at your own end.
Sachin Tendulkar

I was part of a band of eleven fortunate men who had been given the duty of representing close to a billion Indians. It was an honour every aspiring cricketer lives for, to play for his country against the best of world cricket. And with the honour came responsibility. I was going to be accountable to the cricket fans back home and was expected to give my best for them.
Sachin Tendulkar

If you remain humble, people will give you love and respect even after you have finished with the game. As a parent, I would be happier hearing people say, “Sachin is a good human being” than “Sachin is a great cricketer” any day.
Sachin Tendulkar

As far as the World Cup is concerned, it is a process. We don’t want to jump to the 50th floor straight away. We must start on the ground floor.
Sachin Tendulkar

I feel when somebody has been playing cricket for a long time, he creates a separate identity for himself.
Sachin Tendulkar

A true batsman should in most of his strokes tell the truth about himself.
– Neville Cardus

Life is like cricket
Don’t lose your wicket
try to get century
but never forget your ‘boundary’
even if you are run out
never become mood out
because God is the third umpire.

Cricket is an ancient pastime; it ripened sweetly, it has endured nobly.

A gun is no more dangerous than a Cricket bat in the hands of a madman.
– Duke of edinburgh philip

Cricket is the only sport in the world where you are absolutely horrible at something and you still need to go out and do it.
– Harsha Bhogle

The era of playing aggressive cricket and to have the mid-on up is gone. You now try to read the mindset of a batsman.
– Mahendra Singh Dhoni

No cricket team in the world depends on one or two players. The team always plays to win.
– Virat Kohli

Far from all resort of mirth, Save the Cricket on the hearth.
– John milton

I tend to believe that Cricket is the greatest thing that God ever created on earth.
– Harold Pinter

There is a widely held and quite erroneously held belief that Cricket is just another game.
– Prince Philip

Cricket as a passion is distinctly contagious.
– David frith

Cricket is full of theorists who can ruin your game in no time.
– IanTerence Botham

If there is any game in the world that attracts the half- baked theorist more than Cricket I have yet to hear of it.
– Frederick Sewards

Many continentals think life is a game, the English think Cricket is a game.
– George Mikes

In those days, before it became scientific, Cricket was the best game in the world to watch, with its rapid sequence of amusing incidents, each ball a potential crisis!
– G. m. trevelyan

It is far more than a game, this Cricket.
– Sir Neville Cardus

May Cricket continue to flourish and spread its wings. The world can only be richer for it.
– Sir Donald George

Yuvraj Singh is one of the best batsmen to watch in world cricket when he’s in form. He is ego personified. Yuvraj doesn’t just hit the ball, he lets it rebound off his aura.
– Jarrod Kimber

Cricket is not illegal, for it is a manly game.
– Queen Anne

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