Enemy Quotes and Sayings

The sense of having enemies or doubters can serve as a powerful motivating device and fill you with an added creative energy and focus.
Robert Greene

Without enemies around us, we grow lazy. An enemy at our heels sharpens our wits, keeping us focused and alert. It is sometimes better, then, to use enemies as enemies rather than transforming them into friends or allies.
Robert Greene

Love your enemies because they bring out the best in you.
Friedrich Nietzsche

I need new enemies the old ones are beginning to like me.

The worst thing you can do for an enemy is a favor.

Take the stones people throw at you, and use them to build a monument.
Ratan Tata

Kill them with success, and bury them with a smile
Keisha Keenleyside

Always pray for your enemy, because he is the best reformer for you.

I don’t get mad I get even several times.

When you show your opponents your faults or weaknesses, they’ll use it to take you down. Until you’re absolutely certain you’ve won, don’t let them get a glimpse of your thoughts or feelings.

If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.
– Sun Tzu

Knowing the enemy enables you to take the offensive, knowing yourself enables you to stand on the defensive.
– Sun Tzu

Smile and grow in front of your haters. It kills them.

We don’t even talk to each other and yet you still manage to somehow f**k up my day.

I hope you have a long life so you can see how awesome I am in the future!!

Even if you are dancing on water, your enemies will accuse you of raising dust.

Attack is the proof that your enemy anticipates your success.
Mike Murdock

Pay close attention to people who don’t clap when you win.
Leonardo DiCaprio

If you see any benefit from the enemy … then make him your friend
Movie: Agneepath (1990)
Star: Amitabh Bachchan

Control your tongue and make no enemy.

The more you laugh, the crazier your enemies go. For they see nothing can steal your joy, not even their hatred.

Everyone believes in the atrocities of the enemy and disbelieves in those of his own side, without ever bothering to examine the evidence.
George Orwell

Know your enemy – and learn about his favorite sport.
Nelson Mandela

Enemies are best inspiration. We can learn from them what we don’t want to be. Plus, their good qualities can be an inspiration to us.

If you want to defeat your enemy, don’t take away their courage, you take away their hope.

The only good enemy is a dead enemy.

If we could read the secret history of our enemies we should find in each man’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I thank all my enemies, it is because of their challenge that today I am where I am.

Remember that nobody will ever get ahead of you as long as he is kicking you in the seat of the pants.
Walter Winchell

The best way to get along is never to forgive an enemy or forget a friend.
Walter Winchell

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