Failure Quotes and Sayings

Those who fail to prepare, are preparing to fail.

Submitted by: zombyra on October 7, 2007

The Only Failure is When You Say, “I Give Up.”

Submitted by: Sarah on January 17, 2008

I haven’t failed at anything, I’ve just found all the wrong ways of doing it!!

Submitted by: Kassi on February 15, 2013

Every time you fail, just remember…that single failure just brought you one step closer to the solution.

Submitted by: callie on July 8, 2007

Go ahead. Fail. Just do it. Fall flat on your face. Let it happen. And hey! If you want, cry. Let it all out. But whatever you do, DON’T foget to get back up on your feet at sometime. And when you do, wipe all the mud and tears off your face and remember that you are that much stronger then before and that we ALL have to taste dirt at some point.

Submitted by: Jamie Love on January 21, 2008

If you want a rainbow you gotta put up with the rain

Submitted by: Alec on September 18, 2007

The moment you say you can’t- you won’t.

Submitted by: Trinice Sanders on August 10, 2007

You try, you fail. You try, you fail. But the only true failure is when you stop trying.

Submitted by: Smarty on March 17, 2008

When I am right no one remembers,…When I am wrong no one forgets

Submitted by: Macky Plazo on July 17, 2008

All waters in the ocean could never sink a ship unless it gets inside; likewise, all the preassures of life can never hurt you, unless you let it in.

Submitted by: Ma. Lennievic Jomoc on July 10, 2008

It takes two to Tango, but only one has to ask for the first dance.

Submitted by: Dianne Hunt on July 30, 2007

It happened because it was meant to happen. Don’t regret it, learn from it.

Submitted by: KzTMxx on January 25, 2008

Nothing can make you a failure without your consent. Nothing can make you a success without your hard work.
Dr T.P.Chia

Submitted by: Ivy Lee on November 23, 2014

If you fall down 7 times, get up 8.

Submitted by: Raegan on November 28, 2007

The only way not to fail is not to think of the word and what it means.
don’t let anybody tell you that your not good enough.
don’t let people tell you what life is going to be like in the future for you, you can only decide that. Its whatever you want to do. Don’t follow others dreams, follow yours

Submitted by: abby lee ames iowa on January 17, 2008

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