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Feel my shirt, does it feel like boyfriend material!?!?&lt

Submitted by: BKP on January 31, 2012

Boy: Are you a dog whisperer??
Girl: No, why?
Boy: Cause you make me go Woof Woof!

Submitted by: Pkmn21 on January 28, 2012

Do you like flowers? Maybe you can study these tulips (two lips).

Submitted by: Isy on January 27, 2012

Don’t be scared if a big fat man comes in to your room and stuffs you in a bag… I told Santa I want you for Christmas!!!

Submitted by: jennifer cross on January 16, 2012

If loving you is a crime, take me in for possession. (:

Submitted by: lyss on January 16, 2012

Boy: There is something wrong with my phone.
Girl: Oh I know whats wrong with it, it doesn’t have my number in it, let me fix that for you.

Submitted by: TeamBieber on January 15, 2012

Has anyone ever told you that you are prettier than a drop of sunshine?

Submitted by: Doubtfire35 on January 5, 2012

If I had three wishes than I’d give back two, cause my only wish is to be with you. <3

Submitted by: maddie on January 2, 2012

This morning I saw a flower and I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world, but then I saw you and I knew I was wrong.

Submitted by: Ciprian on December 27, 2011

There is something wrong with your phone
It doesn’t have my number in it.

Submitted by: Jade on December 23, 2011

My boyfriend said this to me.
Me: I don’t know what to talk about.
My Bf: Lets talk about how beautiful you are. <3

Submitted by: Danielle on December 12, 2011

If looks could kill you’d be a murderer.

Submitted by: BrittanyyWhitee on November 23, 2011

If I Had One Wish, Trust Me I Would Wish For You. <3

Submitted by: Hannah on November 17, 2011

So I sent angels to watch over you while you sleep, but the angels came back and told me “Angels don’t want over other angels.”

Submitted by: Dillon on November 6, 2011

Boy: Hands up you’re under arrest.
Girl: Why what did I do?
Boy: You’re to pretty to be on the road.

Submitted by: max on October 31, 2011

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