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Mathematics may not teach us how to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide or how to love a friend and forgive an enemy. But it gives us every reason to hope that every problem has a solution.

Submitted by: Punisher

Math is hard, complicated and abstract… But it’s real.

Submitted by: Leika Vongola

Dear maths…!! Please grow up and solve your problems yourself!!!

Submitted by: dear maths!!!

Seven out of five people are bad at maths.

Submitted by: bella

Math is like a puzzle, at first you will not understand and appreciate. But as you indulge yourself into it, you will be able to see its beauty and wonders… And you will realize that everything about it is true and exact – for as long as you have a logical and critical mind!

Submitted by: evCHUA

Maths rule …thou shall not divide a number by zero.

Submitted by: sameer

I think MATH should get a life… And solve it’s own problems!!

Submitted by: dalmain

Solutions over there; Equations over here: Mathematics Everywhere!!!

Submitted by: SHANA

Without geometry life is pointless.

Submitted by: Kenny

Learn to love math and you will enjoy it.

Submitted by: aiko

Mathematics is a subject one either loves or hates.
The ones that love maths were dropped on their heads repeatedly as children.

Submitted by: Saysh

Math is not a problem to be solved but a number to be enjoyed!

Submitted by: ~*Mayvic*~

Math keeps us learning the lesson of life

Submitted by: jessica

3 out of 2 people have trouble with fractions.

Submitted by: wasdas

Marriage is the only thing that does not respect the mathematical principle of 1+1=2, in marriage, 1+1=1.

Submitted by: Asiimwe Benon Tibbs

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