All it takes is three barrels,two hearts ,and one pasion

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  • Another quote is. 3 barrels 2 hearts 1 passion (as in barrel racing)
  • He may knock over a barrel, but he’ll never break my heart.
  • He might knock down a barrel but he’ll never break my heart.
  • 3 Barrels 2 Hearts 1 Dream Get a Life Get a Horse
  • My barrel horse is smarter than your honor student.
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  • My horse is in my heart, my heart is in my horse.
  • 3 jumps 2 hearts 1 passion
  • A world without horses is like a heart without a beat…
  • He may knock down a pole, but he will never break my heart
  • My horse died when I was seven but even though she is gone physically she...
  • One look into my horse’s eyes, and I found my heart and soul.

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