If you live a life without horses-
You don’t live a life at all…

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  • Horses- if god made anything more beauitiful he kept it for himself
  • If you live a life without horses, you don’t live at all.
  • To Live without a horse, is to live without a life.
  • If there is no horse in my life, then I have nothing to live for.
  • Live. Love. Ride If you don’t have that, you don’t have a life.
  • When you can live forever.. What do you live for?? A Horse of course
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  • You have not lived until you have lived with horses.
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  • When you are riding, cherish the simple things in life, life has its majestic moments.
  • Live Laugh Lope
  • Most People Need Air To Live, All I Need Is My Horse.
  • Now I can live forever..i have a horse

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