It’s unfair to be fair, For life is unfair.
– Farley Maglaya


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    In this quote by Farley Maglaya, a contrasting perspective is presented. The quote suggests that striving to be fair in an inherently unfair world can itself be considered unfair. It implies that the pursuit of fairness may lead to disappointment or frustration because life itself is inherently unfair.

    By stating that “it’s unfair to be fair,” the quote challenges the notion that fairness is always the ideal approach. It highlights the paradoxical nature of fairness in a world where unfairness is pervasive. It raises questions about the efficacy and consequences of seeking fairness when faced with the inherent inequalities and injustices of life.

    This quote invites contemplation on the complexities of fairness and prompts reflection on the balance between accepting the inherent unfairness of life and striving for fairness in our interactions and systems. It invites individuals to critically examine their perspectives on fairness and the implications of their pursuit in an inherently unfair world.


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