Obesity is a drain on the economy – we have to pay for the health care of fat people who are usually poor and can’t afford insurance. Obesity is, well, bad.


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  • Fatness is not a sign of self-control, it is a marker of poor health and a call to action to...
  • Except for smoking, obesity is now the number one preventable cause of death in this country. Three hundred thousand people...
  • Obesity affects every aspect of a people’s lives, from health to relationships.
  • The rise of childhood obesity has placed the health of an entire generation at risk.
  • Feed kids Cokes and french fries and you get an obesity crisis. Feed them mental junk food and you get...
  • Childhood obesity issue is critically important to me because it’s critically important to the health and success of our kids,...
  • Obesity is very easy to catch. As obese can’t run very fast.
  • …obesity isn’t caused by those who adore food. People tend not to put on weight through eating meals. I’d say...
  • Being overweight is not just about appearance, it’s about taking control of your health and preventing future health problems.
  • Don’t let OBESITY get in the WEIGH of your fun.
  • Obesity is not gluttony.
  • The meaning of obesity is being fat and overweight. Truth is nobody likes to be that way. Especially women.
  • Obesity is a dying “weigh” of life.
  • Obesity is the high-weigh to hell!
  • Obesity is a condition which proves that the Lord does not help those who help themselves and help themselves and...

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