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I’m not saying you’re old, you have just lived a lot longer than I’ve seen anyone live! But you’re not old. I think.

Submitted by: jkm

You’re not old, you’re just. Old.

Submitted by: Juju

I’m not saying you’re old. Oh wait. You are!

Submitted by: Julesa

Thinketh not my age with my wisdom, but rather the age of my wisdom.

Submitted by: 18thelonewolf

Age is just a number? Yeah and weed is just a plant!!!!!

Submitted by: mw is cool

Old is always fifteen years from now.
Bill Cosby

Age Quote: Old is always fifteen years from now....

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Every man desires to live long, but no man wishes to be old.
Jonathan Swift

Age Quote: Every man desires to live long, but...

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Age is not enough to prove that you’re always right.

Submitted by: shobe

You know you’re old when your regrets overcome your dreams.

Submitted by: Darawan Fatah

You know when you’re getting old when you go back to the history books and your pic is in there.

Submitted by: cheese rox
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