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A boy and a girl meet after their breakup.

Ex Quote: A boy and a girl meet after...

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My ex boyfriend’s Facebook status said “Suicidal and standing on the edge”…So I poked him.

Ex Quote: My ex boyfriend’s Facebook status said “Suicidal...

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You can’t start the next chapter if you keep re-reading the last one.

Ex Quote: You can’t start the next chapter if...

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When your ex says “you’ll never find anyone like me” Just smile and reply “that’s the point”.

Ex Quote: When your ex says “you’ll never find...

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My ex girlfriend’s status said suicidal and standing on the edge. So I poked her.

Ex Quote: My ex girlfriend’s status said suicidal and...

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Submitted by: Wally

You ex’s prayer might be to see you fail but you need to prove them wrong.

Submitted by: amoschiaga

Ever looked at your ex and wondered “Was I drunk the entire relationship?”

Ex Quote: Ever looked at your ex and wondered...

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Nobody cares about the past, they care about the present, so get over him!!!

Submitted by: cece

When the past calls, let it go to voice mail. It has nothing new to say.


If a girl understands your bullsh*t, sticks around through all your mistakes, and smiles even though you’ve done nothing for her. Than it’s obvious she’s a keeper, but it’s also obvious you don’t deserve her.


That feeling you get when you run into your Ex and you are looking your best.


That awkward moment when you change your Facebook status to ‘single’ and your ex likes it.


The sad moment when you see your ex and they act like you don’t even exist.


Ex-girlfriends are like tattoos they hurt you & never go away.

Submitted by: Jordan

When your ex says “You’ll never find someone like me”.
Reply with “That’s the point”.

Submitted by: kalehua

For females, remember, an ex boyfriend or husband is an ex for a reason.

Submitted by: Lecrecia

It hurts the worst when the person that made you feel so special yesterday, makes you feel so unwanted today.


It only takes one bad boyfriend to realize that you deserve so much more.


One relationship ends but life goes on. Your ‘Ex’ was just a stepping stone to something better.
– Sushan R Sharma


R.I.P to the feelings that I had for you.


Don’t cry because its over, smile because his new girlfriend looks like a horse.


Sometimes it’s better to leave your ex in the past than to bring the same mistake to your future.


Ever looked back at your ex and asked yourself was I drunk the entire relationship?


If you’re Happy and you know it thank your ex!


Everything I used to love about you is what I hate the most about you now!

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