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No guilt is forgotten so long as the conscience still knows of it.

Grief is not as heavy as guilt, but it takes more away from you.
– Veronica Roth

Guilt can quickly turn into regret and self- pity. The only way out is through acceptance and forgiveness.

It is better to risk saving a guilty person than to condemn an innocent one.

Guilt is a destructive and ultimately pointless emotion.
– Lynn Crilly

I say ‘sorry’ a lot. Mostly because I feel like everything is my fault.

That instant pain of guilt when you know you have betrayed the person that just trusted his life to you.
– Monika Geidane

Guilt and no guilt: these were the worst things. The only thing worse than the guilt was the fear of getting caught.
– Elin Hilderbrand

To spare the guilty is to injure the innocent.

Guilt is oftentimes the strongest witness against itself.

I wish I could say I felt guilty for what I did.I don’t.
– Veronica Roth

For every man who lives without freedom, the rest of us must face the guilt.
– Lillian Hellman

Guilt is universal.

Guilt is a rope that wears thin.

The guilty think all talk is of themselves.

I can learn to live with guilt. I don’t care about being good.
– Holly Black

Guilt is a useless feeling. It’s never enough to make you change direction- – only enough to make you useless.
– Daniel Nayeri

If you need someone to blame, throw a rock in the air, you’ll hit someone guilty.

The guilt you feel finally comes to an end when you fully express how it came into your consciousness.
– Luke Garner

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