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The higher points of life are the good ones but the lower ones are the best because you have a purpose to get stronger.

Submitted by: im smaexy and i no it

Life is what you make it, even though there are hard times, some may bring you down but are really making you stronger.

Submitted by: Jesse Kelly

Life is too short to worry about what you don’t have.

Submitted by: ed

Simply living is too easy; but living simply is too difficult.

Submitted by: gokul

The meaning of life isn’t to be richer than others, to be more intelligent than others, or to rule over others. It is simply to spend as much time as you can with the people you love and the people that love you.

Submitted by: Fergus

Savour the great moments in life, you never know when they will come back.

Submitted by: Sarah Schmalenberg

Life is one big huge learning experience.

Submitted by: Mary Ellen

When life puts you down don’t say “Why me?” say “Try me”.

Submitted by: LMFAO

One life. Live it.

Submitted by: Dean

Every one knows about Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone, but he never made a call to his family. Because, his wife and daughter were deaf. That’s life “live for others”.

Submitted by: yubak

Life is an equation, it has to be figured out.
Life is a mystery, you don’t know what’s gonna happen next.
Life is figurative, some things aren’t always literal or understandable.
Life’s past is a permanent marker, it’s unforgettable
Life is perishable, it doesn’t last forever.

Submitted by: monet

In life, it is not the end result that matters, it’s how we get there that makes all the difference.

Submitted by: Connor Jones

Life is like a car when the engine is off and handbrake is on it’s going no where but when it starts up it goes far.

Submitted by: bianca

It’s not the number of times that you say sorry that count, it’s how often you mean it that makes the difference.

Submitted by: Anthea

How people have time to hate when life is too short to love.

Submitted by: invincible soul

Life is to be enjoyed, it’s not there for you to be sitting there feeling sorry for yourself.

Submitted by: the wise one

For me life is like an wind sometimes it goes soft and sometimes it goes wild, just like mine but you don’t have to worry all the destruction that will happen in your life. Just ignore it. And life goes on us usual.:D

Submitted by: SeraXIne Tyrone Peruelo

Live life the way you want to, not the way others want you to.

Submitted by: Stef-Han Singh

Be who you want to be, wear what you want to wear, do what you want to do, love who you want to love, live how you want to live… It’s your life, it’s your choice.

Submitted by: Chelsea

In life, it’s not the monitory things which count the most but the priceless moments you share.

Submitted by: MJ

Life is not a coincidence it’s a reflection of you.

Submitted by: cherry mae

One who has nothing to die for has nothing to live for.
Every new day is another day to change your life.
Life is simple; it just ain’t easy.
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing… You decide.
Only a life lived for another is a life worthwhile.
If you cannot do great things, do small things in great ways.
A life without cause is a life without effect.
For some moments in life there are no words.
Our lives are like candles in the wind.

Submitted by: Kalei.

I determine my destiny, I determine my happiness, I determine my life, you determine nothing. <3

Submitted by: Ashlee + Angela

When Life Knocks You Down, You Choose Whether Or Not To Get Back Up.

Submitted by: ClareBearz :)

Life runs on hope.. Don’t lose it.

Submitted by: fazi

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