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I have hardly ever known a mathematician who was capable of reasoning.

I’ll love him till the last digit of pi.

Submitted by: Always2ndPlace

It is as if mathematics were the vegetables of the academic dinner: Everyone knows that they are good for you, but no one forces you to eat them.

How I wish math had no alphabet in it.

Submitted by: chamupe

Young man, in mathematics you don’t understand things. You just get used to them.
– John von Neumann

Math is just simply following rules. The simple and complicated one. Just obey every details of it.

Submitted by: Erniel S. Boyose

Without science everything would be nothing.

Submitted by: Kelvin

A subject invented by many and learned by one. How fair is that.

Submitted by: Samson Bernard

The essence of mathematics is its freedom.
– Georg Cantor

Each problem that I solved became a rule which served afterwards to solve other problems.
– René Descartes

Rule of Maths : If it seems easy, you’re doing it wrong.

Math Quote: Rule of Maths : If it seems...

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Mighty is geometry; joined with art, resistless.
– Eurípides

Math is the only place where I hear someone doing ridiculous things. For Example John has 30 chocolate bar he eats 23, what does he have now? Diabetes maybe??

Mathematics is the handwriting on the human consciousness of the very spirit of life itself.
– Claude Bragdon

A thing is obvious mathematically after you see it.
– Robert Daniel Carmichael

Mathematics is our basic education; that is our life.

Submitted by: kuku

Twelve for 23… It doesn’t take a genius to see that’s under 50 percent.
– Dick Vitale

Math keeps us learning the lesson of life

Submitted by: jessica

Marriage is the only thing that does not respect the mathematical principle of 1+1=2, in marriage, 1+1=1.

Submitted by: Asiimwe Benon Tibbs

A platonist/classical mathematician wants to quantify his variables over numbers that cannot be applied in practice with the probability 1, just because he wants to say ‘for all numbers’. Why not quantify only for all those numbers that can be applied in theory? This way, the mathematician would no loose anything, but he would get rid of paradoxes.

Submitted by: Avril Styrman

Simply multiply both sides by zero and you get LHS = RHS keep it simple silly !!

Submitted by: krishan

Going up is twice as far as halfway coming down.

Submitted by: Tim Heller

Think outside the cube.

Submitted by: gkm

That one feeling you get when you understand something in math.

Maths rule …thou shall not divide a number by zero.

Submitted by: sameer

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